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MLB The Show 22: Moonshot Event reward could be Minnesota Twins legend

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MLB The Show 22 is just a day away from the return of the Moonshot Event, and there is sure to be a new shiny prize up for grabs.

With a teaser now released, there's one Minnesota Twins legend who looks poised to be the top reward when the Moonshot Event is back in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22: Moonshot Event reward could be Minnesota Twins legend

We learned earlier this week thanks to the current Diamond Dynasty schedule that the Moonshot Event is on its way back to MLB The Show 22.

This fan-favorite Event pits Common Pitchers against any of the best hitters available, and it's a recipe for Home Runs every single time.

We expect the event will last up to a week, and during that time there will be one top reward that we've now seen teased by MLB The Show 22 on Twitter.

While the slugger mention is one clue, the biggest factor here that some fans quickly picked up on is that stadium appears to be Target Field.

If true, that would make the player likely to be from the Minnesota Twins, though a few non-Twins predictions have been made.

The main one more than a few fans have guessed is Jorge Soler, with other ideas including Brian Dozier and Willie Stargell.

MLb The Show 22 moonshot harmon killebrew
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THAT'S HIM: You can see the swing similarities in this Killebrew image

However, the most likely option and the one we believe will be revealed is none other than 6-time AL Home Run Leader and National Baseball Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew.

While he fits the bill in many ways and had a few predictions, the final piece of the puzzle came in seeing how much his swing (seen above) lines up with the teaser photo shared by MLB The Show on Twitter.

Harmon Killebrew Ratings Prediction

We've seen most of the Event rewards so far be in the low 90s, so we expect the player rating for this new Harmon Killebrew to be about 93 OVR.

There's already one version of Killebrew in Diamond Dynasty, but even his meager 83 OVR Breakout card has some powerful hitting stats.

mlb the show 22 killebrew
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UPGRADE TIME: A new version of Killebrew would be even stronger

We expect his fielding to go up in general, especially with it at just Bronze tier here representing the earliest part of his career.

However, the real value in this potential arrival would be in his hitting, and he's already boasting near 100s on Contact and Power vs Lefties.

If we do get a true Diamond tier Harmon Killebrew in the Moonshot Event, it may become a must-have for players looking for high Discipline, Contact, and Power.

It also helps that Killebrew played three positions through his career, so he should be usable as First Base, Third Base, and Left Field via secondary positions.

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