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MLB The Show 22: Best Pitching Archetype, Ballplayer Perks & Pitches for your Loadout

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MLB The Show 22 allows more customization than ever this year with players no longer restricted to a single Ballplayer, and that means you can work towards crafting the perfect pitcher.

We've got the info you need to build with the best pitching archetype, perks, pitches, and motion for you in MLB The Show 22.

Best Pitching Archetype in MLB The Show 22

Right from the start, you'll be faced with the challenge of choosing your pitching archetype and the reality that it's something you can't change.

While most Ballplayer details can be changed after creation, archetype is the primary thing you won't be able to alter.

MLB The Show 22 offers four pitching archetype options: Velocity, Control, Break, and Knucksie.

MLb The Show 22 best pitching archetype
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PINPOINT: Choosing control lets you really dominate the edges of the strike zone

That fourth one can be tempting, but players who have any desire to use their Ballplayer in Diamond Dynasty need to avoid it as Knucksie pitchers can't be used online.

Of the three remaining options, all have strengths and can work well if they fit the style you really wanna pursue.

Velocity has some definite advantages, but we suggest Control, especially for a Ballplayer that could become a mainstay of your Diamond Dynasty squad.

Best Pitches and Pitching Motion

While some of this can come down to your own preferences, there are some reliable selections that tend to do well online.

Sinker and Cutter are highly recommended, as both are very strong pitches in MLB The Show 22 and can excel in Diamond Dynasty.

Follow that with a curve or changeup of some kind, but for us the preference tends to be the Slurve and Circle Change.

MLB The Show 22 pitches
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TEMPORARY: Don't fret over these, you can change them immediately

Your fifth pitch is where some would put a Sliders just to have access, but it's also a good option to slip a 4-Seam Fastball in at the bottom.

The fifth pitch in your arsenal won't be the strongest and will get thrown the least, but it can be beneficial to have a very uncommonly throw fastball in a pinch.

As for pitching motion, you can always go with a quick option like Josh Hader if you prefer, but for maximum effect online we suggest Generic Windup 7.

Choosing a generic option means its a motion players are less likely to be familiar with, and Generic Windup 7 is one of the filthiest submarine style motions available.

Best Ballplayer Perks for your Loadout

As you work through the archetype programs and unlock more powerful pitching archetypes, you'll also snag more and more top quality perks.

While most of the perks you need are obtainable in the packs these programs provide, you're also able to head to the Community Market in Diamond Dynasty to buy them outright with Stubs.

mlb the show 22 ballplayer
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PERKS ON PERKS: Don't forget to complete your Ballplayer Collections as well

We don't have suggestions for Knucksie as it won't be usable online, but in general you'll want to lean on Break perks and can use any of the Break suggestions below.

While sometimes you can use perks for a more rounded player, these suggested perks for each pitching archetype will lean on your strengths:

  • Control: Control 1, Control 2, Control 3, and Conductor
    • The first three will give you the necessary stat boosts while Conductor gives you significantly increased pitch accuracy.
  • Velocity: Velocity 1, Velocity 2, Velocity 3, and Pulse Pounder
    • Again the primary three give you the needed stats, and Pulse Pounder gives significantly increased pitch velocity.
  • Break: Break 1, Break 2, Break 3, and Battle Tested
    • Finally you'll have the same stat boosts, but Battle Tested is a bit weaker as the significantly increased pitch break only activates in the 7th Inning or later.

Another good thing to keep in mind as you're choosing these and outfitting equipment is that the HR/9 attribute is not active in online games.

It is only affected by simulated play, and as a result has no impact on your play in Diamond Dynasty.

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