MLB The Show 22: Online co-op mode explained, Diamond Dynasty lineups showcased

MLB The Show 22 is adding online co-op for the first time this year, and they've finally given us a look at how this new game mode will work.

We've got details on how MLB The Show 22 will handle co-op in 3v3, 2v2, and even in Diamond Dynasty where you can combine lineups.

MLB The Show 22: Online co-op shown in-depth in first Feature Premiere

MLB The Show 22 is finally giving us a glimpse of new features coming to this year's game, and one of the highlights will be the addition of online co-op mode.

As explained when the mode was first revealed, there will be 2v2 and 3v3 options and it'll work in Diamond Dynasty, but details had been pretty scarce other than that.

Now that's changed, as the first MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere dug deep into exactly how this mode will work for players, along with confirming it will be crossplay and cross platform.

MLB The Show 22 online co-op
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TEAMBUILDING: You'll start in the Co-Op Lobby to get things rolling

As seen above, players enter a Co-Op Lobby in order to set up these matches, and in the build released at launch you'll have the option of teaming up with random players online or specifically inviting friends.

However, they did note that the build being used for the MLB The Show 22 Technical Test (Beta) will not include matching up with friends, as it's an earlier version and they're focused on stress testing the game mode and servers ahead of launch.

One thing that will unfortunately not be in the game at launch is getting to choose your opponents in co-op, as the opposing team will always be randomized with other online players.

Captain responsibilities, in-game rotation, and communication

You may see in the image above that one player is the designated Captain, something that defaults to the first player in that lobby but can be then assigned to another player before starting a game.

Being the Captain comes with a level of responsibility, as they're the player choosing pre-match details like stadium, time of day, and setting the lineup before a game begins.

Once the game has begun, it will also fall on the Captain to make Manager decisions like warming up a pitcher in the bullpen or bringing in a pinch hitter.

Players will alternate between different parts of gameplay and those roles change each inning, aside from the Captain which is set for the full game.

In 3v3 co-op on Defense, you'll either be the Pitcher and Catcher, play the Infield, or play the Outfield. In 2v2 co-op, you'll either be the Pitcher and Catcher or play the full field on Defense. These roles rotate each inning.

MLB The Show 22 co-op online
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RESPONSIBILITY: These icons show which part of the field you're handling in-game

Batting will rotate between players for each at-bat and not be specific to the part of the field you played, but if you get on base then you will instead be player locked playing that runner while the other players handle the at-bat. They didn't clarify what happens if all human co-op players are on base.

Finally, they went into how communication will work between players, and MLB The Show 22 online co-op will have voice chat, quick emojis to react, and a standard text chat.

You'll also have a Pitch Suggest feature where players who are not currently pitching can suggest a specific pitch and location to the player currently at the mound.

How will online co-op work in Diamond Dynasty?

At launch, online co-op will be available in Play Now with regular teams, but you'll also have the option to try out the 2v2 or 3v3 versions of it in Diamond Dynasty.

While much of the actual gameplay will remain the same, things are significantly different at match creation as you'll be joining forces with the other player's Diamond Dynasty collection.

When the match is created, you'll each select specific players from your own Diamond Dynasty collection to create a combined lineup for the game.

In 2v2, each user will select 6 Diamond Dynasty players, including 3 position players, 1 starting pitcher, and 2 relievers. In 3v3, that'll change to each user selecting 4 players each, including 2 position players, 1 starting pitcher, and 1 reliever.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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DIAMONDS: While you can glimpse the Diamond card art here, these player ratings are not final

The rest of your Diamond Dynasty lineup will be filled out with random Live Series cards from each player's own Diamond Dynasty collection. Before you begin the match, the Captain will have to choose between two hidden and randomized options at starting pitcher.

You won't be able to select the same players are your teammate, as everyone on the lineup must be a unique player. On top of that, they've confirmed that Parallel boosts will come from the player who chose that card at match creation, regardless of who controls that player during the game itself.

Finally, they did note that no competitive rewards will be available in Diamond Dynasty co-op at launch, but that is a feature they're planning to add soon once the game mode has been thoroughly tested and is working well for players.

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