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MLB The Show 22 Beta: How to Join the Technical Test

With the title still a few months away from launch, the MLB The Show 22 beta and Tech Test has been confirmed by Sony San Diego.

We've got details on how you'll be able to participate and sign up to try out MLB The Show 22 more than a month before the title's release date.

Latest - Online co-op showcased ahead of tech test

The first MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere has finally arrived, and the inaugural deep dive into this year's game looked at the new online co-op feature.

We got to see plenty of the new online co-op gameplay in action, and that even included a look at how Diamond Dynasty lineups will work with co-op.

We've got more here on exactly how online co-op will work both before and during each match in MLB The Show 22.

They also noted that the build released as part of the MLB The Show 22 Beta will be an early version of the game, and it will not have the ability to team up with friends like the release date version will, instead leaving this tech test stuck on random.

MLB The Show 22 Beta: Tech Test announced for all players

MLB The Show 22 continues to shake things up this year, as the yearly technical test has already been announced.

MLB The Show has held a technical test (beta) in past years, but it was always a more restricted preview where only a handful of players would be brought in.

That's changing this year, as the MLB The Show 22 beta will be available to all players, and it will be spread across all five of this year's platforms.

With the amount of crossplay and cross-platform functionality that this year's game strives to deliver on, it's a smart move by Sony San Diego to try and truly stress their servers and game ahead of launch.

MLB The Show 21 was the first title in the series not to be a PlayStation exclusive, and while this had tons of clear benefits, the influx of new players also caused significant server issues when the game was launched.

Sony San Diego had an extended Double XP activation period because of the fact that servers were so unreliable during Early Access and the following days.

How to Sign Up for the MLB The Show 22 Technical Test

If you've ever hoped to get in on an MLB The Show Technical Test in the past and weren't able to make the cut, this is the year you'll finally be guaranteed a way in!

Sony San Diego has announced that not only will the MLB The Show 22 Beta be available on all platforms, but they've removed sign-ups entirely.

Instead of bothering to track who is signing up one-by-one to grant access, the MLB The Show 22 Technical Test will go live as a download available free on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and Nintendo eShop starting on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

MLB The Show 22 beta technical test tech
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GET IN ON THE ACTION: Players on all platforms can participate this year

Once the download is visible, simply head to the store on your console and initiate the download in order to gain access.

The MLB The Show 22 beta will begin on February 17, 2022 around 10am PT and will conclude on February 23, 2022 around 10am PT.

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