MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show (RTTS) Features REVEALED: New Cast, Ballplayer Changes

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MLB The Show's most popular game mode, Road to the Show (RTTS), is a state-of-the-art career mode in sports gaming - and it's only getting better in MLB The Show 22!

Thanks to the latest feature reveal stream from Sony San Diego, we now know all of the new features coming to MLB The Show 22 RTTS.

With that, let's dive into what's new on the Road to the Show this year.

New MLB The Show 22 RTTS Features

New & Returning Cast

Road to the Show features tons of cameos and insights from names throughout baseball - from announcers to coaches, legendary players, managers, and more.

MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show cast ken griffey jr lauren shehadi
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STAR-STUDDED: MLB The Show 22 RTTS has a stacked lineup of cameos from figures throughout baseball

MLB The Show 22 will feature a ton of new and returning names across Road to the Show (RTTS) this year.

These names include:

  • Robert Flores
  • JP Morosi
  • Joe Mauer
  • Rachel Balkovec
  • Kellen Lee
  • Robert Flores
  • Mike Lowell
  • Cliff Floyd
  • Ron Darling
  • Sean Casey
  • Ken Griffey Jr.

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Rivalry Games

Along your Road to the Show in MLB The Show 22, players will see some new intensity in Rivalry Games along the way.

Whether it's crowd noise or the segments before the games, you'll feel the heat of Rivalry Games much more this year.

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MLB The Show 22 Ballplayer Updates

New Ballplayer Archetype System

One complaint players had in MLB The Show 21 was the ability to do everything at once in Road to the Show.

MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show RTTS playstyles
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ROLE CALL: Pick your playstyle from the jump in MLB The Show 22 RTTS

This year, RTTS will instead section players off from the beginning into their archetypes, and these will be a bit more restrictive to let players stylize their play rather than being any and everything on both sides of the plate.

Road to the Show will still feature jack of all trades kind of players, but they won't also excel in every area as well - forcing players to play against their weaknesses with skill rather than attributes.

New Progression Systems


This year Road to the Show will be the only way to progress your Ballplayer despite being able to play them in other game modes like Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 RTTS missions milestones
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GROW AND ADAPT: MLB The Show 22 RTTS challenges players to progress through missions and milestones

This year will also feature new Archetype items to allow players to further customize their Ballplayers and trade these Archetypes out to try things out.

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Programs and Program Points

MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show Missions will now offer Programs, which are long-term missions that set progress benchmarks that should naturally happen as you play.

These include things like pitchers getting 15 strikeouts, and players getting 10 base hits. These Missions will be repeatable, and the Program Points you earn from completing them can go into packs and other Rewards.

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