MLB The Show 22: Mother's Day Flowers Conquest Hidden Rewards, How to Complete

MLB The Show 22 is once again celebrating moms in their own special way, and the Mother's Day Flowers Conquest Map is now live.

We've got details on all the Mother's Day Conquest Hidden Rewards and how you can complete this to snag some XP for the Spring Cleanup program in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22: Mother's Day Conquest Hidden Rewards Locations

With the timing of MLB The Show as a franchise, it's not surprising that they normally do in-game events to celebrate Mother's Day and eventually Father's Day.

That rings true once again this year as MLB The Show 22 has now added a Mother's Day Conquest Map, though this new diamond with flowers design is different than the straightforward "MOM" map from last year.

New Conquest maps almost always mean new hidden rewards, and that's once again the case as no less than 7 different rewards are littered across this map.

Here are the Mother's Day Conquest Hidden Rewards Locations in MLB The Show 22:

MLB The Show 22 Mother's Day Conquest Hidden Rewards Flowers Locations
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GOTTA FIND THEM ALL: Conquer each numbered territory for a reward

The numbers above correspond to the following rewards:

  • 1. The Show Pack
  • 2. The Show Pack
  • 3. Headliners Set 2 Choice Pack
  • 4. Headliners Set 5 Pack & 75 Stubs
  • 5. The Show Pack & 150 Stubs
  • 6. The Show Pack
  • 7. The Show Pack, 25 Stubs & 200 XP

You don't have to bother conquering any of the strongholds or knocking out the actual goals in order to claim these packs.

Keep in mind that you can restart a Conquest map as much as you like, so you're also free to restart and head in a different direction to more easily snag the Mother's Day hidden rewards.

The April Monthly Awards Program has also now been revealed in full, and we've got more details here on all the players you can earn in it.

How to complete the Mother's Day Flowers Conquest Map

If you want to complete the full map and snag the 30,000 XP that's up for grabs in the Spring Cleanup program, it'll take more than usual to finish these goals.

While most Conquest maps in the past have been pretty forgiving about how long you take to complete it, which allows you to play all the stronghold games on Rookie by maxing out the fans you bring to the fight, that won't be an option this time.

The Mother's Day Conquest map in MLB The Show 22 has the following goals:

  • Goal 1: Capture both Strongholds from New York on or before the 3rd turn.
    • Reward: 2x Headliners Set 7 Packs, 400 Stubs & 500 XP
  • Goal 2: Capture 3 enemy Strongholds on or before the 5th turn.
    • Reward: Mother's Day CFX Pro Batting Gloves, 500 Stubs & 500 XP
  • Goal 3: Conquer 100 Territories on the Mother's Day Flowers map.
    • Reward: Headliners Set 8 Pack, 100 Stubs & 200 XP
  • Goal 4: Acquire 150M Fans before completing the Mother's Day Flowers map.
    • Reward: Mother's Day Universal Profile Banner, 250 Stubs & 300 XP
  • Goal 5: Capture all Strongholds on the Mother's Day Flowers map.
    • Reward: Mother's Day Stance Socks, 750 Stubs & 800 XP
  • Goal 6: Conquer the Mother's Day Flowers map on or before turn 13.
    • Reward: Mother's Day Bat Skin, 1000 Stubs & 2000 XP

The best course of action is to make two passes through this map, the first aiming to rack up more than 150M Fans while simulating games and snagging all the Hidden Rewards.

After doing that, and using those new packs to bolster your lineup, it's time for the hard pass where you'll be required to play some games on All-Star or higher to conquer Strongholds in time.

Start by heading to the New York Yankees, a game you'll likely be playing on All-Star, and then push down towards the New York Mets, but be careful not to miss out on the shot to conquer them both before the end of your 3rd turn.

You can use the 4th turn to conquer miscellaneous territories and build up to some reinforcements, but don't take too long as you'll want to snag the Orioles on or before your 5th turn.

If any of these things fails, restart the map and try again, as you'll want to ensure you keep pace for the final goal of finishing the map before the 13th turn.

Spend some of the interim turns building up reinforcements so you can make the final two games against the Cubs and Braves easier, then be sure you knock them out before it's too late and you'll snag the final rewards and Spring Cleanup XP.

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