MLB The Show 22: How to change pitches on your Ballplayer for RTTS and Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 22 takes Ballplayer up a notch this year, and you'll have plenty of choices including which pitches to use.

If you're not happy with your current selection in MLB The Show 22, we've got details on how you can change pitches for your Ballplayer to use in Diamond Dynasty or Road to the Show.

MLB The Show 22: How to change pitches on your Ballplayer

MLB The Show 22 has made some significant tweaks to the Ballplayer system, and one of those has to do with how you change pitches.

In MLB The Show 21, pitch selection was significantly restricted with new pitch options unlocked with practice sessions in Road to the Show.

That's all gone this year, and those Road to the Show sessions get to focus entirely on improving your Ballplayer's ratings.

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PITCHING LOADOUT: This year you just need to choose your pitches

If you're looking to change your pitches, simply head to the Loadout screen for your Ballplayer and look to the right where you'll see them listed.

Select whichever any slot, and you'll be able to choose from the following pitches:

  • Four-Seam Fastball
  • Two-Seam Fastball
  • Cutter
  • Running Fastball
  • Slider
  • Curveball
  • Slurve
  • Knuckle-curve
  • 12-6 Curve
  • Sweeping Curve
  • Sinker
  • Splitter
  • Forkball
  • Screwball
  • Changeup
  • Circle Change
  • Palm Ball
  • Vulcan Change
  • Knuckleball (see below)

If you want to keep your player to just three or four pitches, don't add anything when creating the lineup as there doesn't appear to be a way to fully unequip your fourth or fifth slot once selected.

Knucksie Archetype and Knuckleball are not allowed in Online PVP

There was joyous celebration among some fans as it was confirmed during the buildup to release that the Knuckleball is indeed back in MLB The Show 22.

The pitch was missing from Road to the Show last year, and that largely came down to integration with Ballplayer and Diamond Dynasty.

Your Ballplayer keeps the same loadout and pitch selection in Diamond Dynasty as is used in Road to the Show, and developers saw a flaw in the Knuckleball.

As great as it is to use and important as it is for baseball's history, they seemed worried including it in online play could damage the balance.

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KNUCKLEBALL: The classic pitch is back, but there's a catch this year

As a result, players can only gain access to the Knuckleball in MLB The Show 22 by creating a Ballplayer with the Knucksie archetype.

Part of the reason for this is that you permanently exclude a player from all Online PVP play once it's given the unchangeable Knucksie archetype.

While you can use a Knucksie Ballplayer in Diamond Dynasty, it will only be allowed in your lineup when not doing Online PVP game modes.

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