MLB The Show 22: How to complete David Ortiz Program for his 99 OVR Hall of Fame card

MLB The Show 22 is always bringing real-world MLB happenings into the game each year, and a new program honors David Ortiz ahead of his Hall of Fame induction.

We've got details on this new Diamond Dynasty addition and how you can unlock his 99 OVR card for your MLB The Show 22 squad.

MLB The Show 22: David Ortiz given 99 OVR Prime card before Hall of Fame induction

With the arrival of All-Star festivities, it's almost time for the annual induction ceremony for the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Each year a chosen few get the highest honor the game has to offer, and one of the absolute greats is in the spotlight this year.

David Ortiz, also known as Big Papi, will officially join the Hall of Fame and Sony San Diego has made sure to celebrate this milestone with a major new program and card for him.

While he's received other cards in Diamond Dynasty including one for the Cover Athletes series (88 OVR) at launch and a Retro Topps Now series (94 OVR), none will match the pure power of his new addition.

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BIG PAPI: Check the POWER on this 99 OVR card in Diamond Dynasty

Prime David Ortiz will be his first 99 OVR card in Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show 22, and the attributes as seen above are more than enough for fans to go after him.

How to complete the David Ortiz Program in Diamond Dynasty

If you want to get this ultra-powerful card on your squad, the way to do it is in an Other Program creatively named the "David Ortiz Program."

The first major step will be Moments, and there are 10 different Moments representing unforgettable games or plays from David Ortiz's storied career.

Together all 10 will net players 20 Points for the program, and the next step from there will be five missions focused on Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox.

There are four PXP Missions with one focused on the Rookie David Ortiz card you'll unlock in this program, and the rest are for any Red Sox players.

The fastest and easiest way to grind these is in Play vs. CPU against the Baltimore Orioles, and that's also where you'll have help with the final mission.

Lastly, players will need to tally 15 Home Runs with Red Sox players, and using Play vs. CPU with your PXP focused Red Sox squad is a perfect way to score these.

The above missions will net another 14 Points, and that would meet the 34 Points needed to unlock Prime David Ortiz in Diamond Dynasty.

If you have some players you're willing to part with, you can also use the two Exchanges in the program to snag 4 Points and allow you to skip either two of the Moments, the HRs with Red Sox Mission, or the Rookie Ortiz PXP Mission.

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