MLB The Show 22 legend cover athlete potentially leaked by Nintendo

The MLB The Show 22 cover athlete was all the rave today as we officially learned who will be on this year's primary covers, but there's another reveal that may have slipped out early.

Here's what we know so far about the MLB The Show 22 legend cover athlete possibly being leaked by Nintendo two days before the intended reveal.

MLB The Show 22 legend cover athlete potentially leaked by Nintendo

While all eyes have been on Shohei Ohtani since his announcement as the MLB The Show 22 cover athlete, there's another reveal on the horizon that may have slipped out early.

Along with the news of Ohtani and confirmation of key game details like the debut on Nintendo Switch and official release date, we also got news today that another reveal was already on deck.

As confirmed by Sony San Diego in their reveal stream, the MLB The Show 22 legend cover athlete for this year's collector's edition was set for a reveal on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

After some speculation by many, it looks like Nintendo may have accidentally leaked the reveal two days early by allowing a sale page for the Deluxe Edition to go live.

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COVER TWO: Jeter looks to be this year's second cover athlete

As seen above, the image shows a Nintendo eShop page featuring Derek Jeter on the Deluxe Edition cover, and all of the style and imagery matches up with what they've shown so far featuring Shohei Ohtani.

It's not clear where the leak originated, though the image has been circulated widely on social media and was shared to Reddit in this post.

Derek Jeter Deluxe Edition could have Early Access

With this potentially revealing that Derek Jeter will be on the MLB The Show 22 Deluxe Edition, we can now look ahead to what kinds of rewards that might come with.

If they're keeping last year in mind, we could see a truly spectacular physical Collector's Edition with a Jeter-themed hat not unlike the one we saw last year in the Jackie Robinson Edition.

We're also likely to see Early Access, which could allow players to start playing MLB The Show 22 as early as April 1, 2022 if they do the same four days Early Access we saw last year.

The image above shows a possible release date for the Deluxe Edition of April 2, 2022, but we don't know the time zone it was taken from and that can affect the visible "release date" on sale pages.

Either way, we should know for sure when the reveal takes place this Wednesday, February 2, 2022 on the Sony San Diego channels on YouTube and Twitch.

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