MLB The Show 22: Chase Packs and a new Legend is on the way to Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty has some fresh new packs coming to the platform as the Chase Packs hit the market.

Along with the Chase Packs is a new Legend and we have a few ideas as to who it might be.

So, let's go over the Chase Packs and a few predictions for the next Diamond Dynasty Legend.

Chase Packs in MLB The Show 22

As we continue deep into MLB The Show 22, the Chase Packs will give you the chance to grab a 97 OVR player, a huge upgrade to Diamond Dynasty cards.

Although the player hasn't been revealed yet, the announcement should come later today. In the meantime, we have a few ideas on who it could be.

MLB The Show 22 Chase Packs
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You can find the Chase Packs within the MLB The Show 22 Bundles that have 50 packs within them. Each of these bundles cost 75K Stubs.

Now, let's make our predictions for who the new Legend will make their way into Diamond Dynasty.

Legend predictions for Diamond Dynasty

After taking a look at the teaser image that MLB The Show 22 released and with some help from the community, we have a few ideas for the player.

One of our predictions is Hideki Matsui, nicknamed "Godzilla". As a New York Yankee, Matsui was a two-time All-Star and hit 507 home runs over his 20-year career. Matsui was inducted into the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018.

MLB The Show 22 Chase Packs
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GODZILLA: Could Matsui be our nest MLB The Show 22 Legend?

Once it's officially revealed, we'll be sure to update you here. Some players in the MLB The Show 22 community believe it could also be Carlos Delgado.

Delgado holds the all-time Major League Baseball home run record among Puerto Rican players. If it is Delgado, we'll also reveal his Diamond Dynasty ratings as well as the top cards from the pack.

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