MLB The Show 22: How to complete 'Should have stretched first' and 'Maybe I should try a new bat' Mystery Mission

MLB The Show 22 continues to bring fresh challenges to Diamond Dynasty, and that includes new Mystery Missions in Mini Seasons.

We've got details on how you can complete each new Mystery Mission in Mini Seasons before time runs out in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22: Mini Seasons Mystery Missions End Date

It's not yet clear if they'll stick to a monthly reset every time, but this time May has brought two new Mystery Missions to Mini Seasons.

This new game mode challenges players to take on three-inning games against computer controlled teams consisting of actual lineups used by others players in Diamond Dynasty.

While there are several clearly defined goals to work through, they've also got Mystery Missions with hidden rewards and unclear challenges.

MLb The Show 22 Mini Seasons Mystery Missions maybe i should try a new bat should have stretched first
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THE MYSTERY: Mini Seasons won't tell you how to complete these

We've got details on how you can complete "Maybe I should try a new bat" and "Should have stretched first," but it's also important not to wait too long.

Each of these is set expire on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at approximately Noon PT, so make sure you work on them before then.

How to complete 'Should have stretched first' Mystery Mission

The first new Mystery Mission in Mini Seasons is dubbed "Should have stretched first" with a full 10 actions required in order to unlock what you'll eventually learn is a standard The Show Pack.

However, this one is extremely easy, as you simply need to get caught stealing 10 times during games in Mini Seasons.

You can take the long path and simply be aggressive as you play, at which point you'll likely succeed at times and fail others, earning progress for this mission and another you're tasked with which requires successfully stolen bases.

If you'd rather rush this mission, play on low difficulties to ensure you're more likely to get on base and then attempt to steal every possible time.

How to complete 'Maybe I should try a new bat' Mystery Mission

The next Mystery Mission you have in Mini Seasons this month is dubbed "Maybe I should try a new bat," and it requires 6 actions to complete.

This time, it's higher difficulties that will help you, as you need to ground out into a double play 6 different times.

If you're on All-Star or higher, the likelihood of a groundout is definitely up, but make sure it's not a difficulty too high for you to get on base and setup that double play.

After completing this Mystery Mission, you'll be rewarded with a Legend Bat Skins Choice Pack, giving you some great equipment for your RTTS Ballplayer and another skin for the collection.

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