MLB The Show 22: Carlos Carrasco highlighted in Headliners Set 11

MLB The Show 22 is bringing a group of cards to the platform in the Headliners Set 11 and we're excited about the 93 OVR Carlos Carrasco.

We've got the prices for the packs, the pack odds, and the ratings for the Carrasco card as well.

Let's go over the Headliners Set 11 in Diamond Dynasty of MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 Headliners Set 11

The Headliners Set 11 has Carlos Carrasco as the featured card shortly after the Gary Sheffield card was revealed not very long ago.

These Diamond Dynasty cards in MLB The Show 22 will definitely give your team a boost, just in time for the April Monthly Awards Event.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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NEW HEADLINERS: Carrasco is the hot ticket item in Diamond Dynasty

Each pack contains 1 Silver or better player item, 2 other players, and 1 assorted item. You can only purchase five Set 11 Headliners.

MLB The Show 22 Headliners Set 11 Prices:

  • Single Pack - 7,500 Stubs
  • Headliners Choice Pack - 25,000 Stubs

Now let's take a look at the ratings for the top card of the set.

Carlos Carrasco Diamond Dynasty Ratings

If after you've seen the prices for these packs and have decided you want to get the Carlos Carrasco card, you might want to head to the Marketplace.

Within the Marketplace of MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty, this card is going for just over 20K Stubs. Which could be a much better deal.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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CARRASCO CARD: Let's take a look at Carrasco's Diamond Dynasty ratings

Let's break down the ratings for Carlos Carrasco in Diamond Dynasty:

  • STA - 98 OVR
  • H/9 - 82 OVR
  • K/9 - 90 OVR
  • BB/9 - 89 OVR
  • HR/9 - 76 OVR
  • PCLT - 89 OVR
  • CTRL - 91 OVR
  • VEL - 96 OVR
  • BRK - 99 OVR
  • FLD - 68 OVR
  • ARM - 46 OVR
  • ACC - 62 OVR
  • REAC - 56 OVR

He has a few great Quirks as well, Pressure Cooker, Workhorse, Stingy, Untouchable, Control Artist, and Grounded to name a few of his MLB The Show 22 Quirks.

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