MLB The Show 22: PS5 120hz setting bug SOLVED with new update

MLB The Show 22 Update 1.04 brought a flurry of bug fixes and tweaks, but one new setting ended up causing more problems than it solved.

If you've tackled server errors or crashes since that update on PS5, there's good news as a follow-up seems to have finally remedied the issue with this 120hz setting.

Latest - Update 1.005 hits PS5 with 120hz fix

After this new PS5 bug with the 120hz setting appeared within 24 hours of the Game Update 4 deployment, a fix has finally arrived.

MLB The Show 22 Update 1.005 has now gone live on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and the next gen exclusive primarily aims to remedy the 120hz bug and Stadium Creator.

We've got full details and patch notes here for MLB The Show 22 Game Update 5.

MLB The Show 22 Update 1.04 quietly adds 120hz setting on next gen

While graphics were already top notch for MLB The Show 22 at launch, there's another big step forward they're taking for gamers with top-notch televisions or monitors.

One of their next big leaps is the application of 120hz support on next gen consoles, and this addition has the capability of significantly improving the smoothness and responsiveness of MLB The Show 22.

While this wasn't in the title at launch, MLB The Show 22 Update 1.04 seems to have suddenly activated support for 120hz output.

MLB The Show 22 120hz
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CRISPY: Graphics look cleaner than ever this year on next gen

Most users won't be affected, but those with high quality televisions or monitors that support 120hz output have suddenly gained the ability to use it for MLB The Show 22 on next gen.

Some gamers have already reported appreciation for the feature, highlighting reduced input lag and just an overall improvement in the game.

Unfortunately, it isn't clear if this addition was actually ready to go, and it's causing a world of issues for some players.

How to fix server error and online crashes from 120hz bug

If you're in the group of MLB The Show 22 players that has both a console and television or monitor that can operate at 120hz, new server connection errors and problems with online play have likely appeared.

While the issues seem to be more heavily affecting PS5 players, we can't confirm if Xbox Series X|S players are able to use the 120hz setting online without problems.

The problems themselves seem to vary, with some reporting matchmaking errors, server connection issues, or just plain crashes and black screens.

After a player suggestion started to circulate that the 120hz setting may be to blame, including in this video by OhChev showcasing the difference between 120hz and 60hz gameplay, Sony San Diego has now confirmed that the issues appear to be linked.

In a late evening tweet less than a day after Game Update 4 deployed, they stated: "We are aware and investigating the matchmaking issues after Update 4. If you're on PlayStation and seeing matchmaking errors, you can try turning off the 120hz Output option in the PlayStation Video Output settings, as other users have mentioned."

If you're on PS5, head to Screen and Video in settings, then Video Output, and at the bottom you should find "Enable 120 Hz Output" set to Automatic.

Change this setting to "Off" if you're having issues with online play, and hopefully Sony San Diego will have a hotfix soon addressing this situation.

If they can get 120hz support running as intended it would be a big bonus for MLB The Show 22, but as of now the feature seems more like a liability.

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