Four Diamond predictions for the next Roster Update

MLB The Show 21 continues to stay consistent with new content for Diamond Dynasty, and that includes the bi-weekly roster update with the arrival of new Diamonds.

With the next roster update landing this Friday, we're taking a look at some of the Live Series players in Diamond Dynasty that are poised to leap from Gold to Diamond next in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update

MLB The Show 21 always delivers a flurry of new Diamonds with each roster update, and the last one released was massive.

Ten different players leapt from Gold to Diamond in the last roster update, which was a new record for MLB The Show 21.

While we're extremely unlikely to get quite that many this time, we should see at least a few get that magic upgrade to 85 OVR that puts them in Diamond territory.

As of now, the next roster update is scheduled for Friday, July 9, 2021 and should go live at approximately Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET).

As always, the attribute adjustments made in the Roster Update are specific to Diamond Dynasty with only Live Series cards being affected.

New Diamonds Predictions

With the record-breaking ten-Diamond upgrade last time, things will probably dip with this roster update to as few as two.

The least we've seen in a single roster update was two new Diamonds, so hopefully this one will see four to six get that precious upgrade.

If you're hoping to invest, you can purchase multiple copies of any Gold player for under 5000 Stubs and be able to instantly quicksell for 5000 Stubs if they go Diamond.

While none of these are guaranteed, there are four players we're watching closely that seem most likely to be new Diamonds with this roster update.

Ozzie Albies, Currently 84 OVR, Atlanta Braves

The most likely of our prediction quartet to see Diamond status this Friday is Ozzie Albies, who has arguably been due for a Diamond upgrade in the last few roster updates.

After a strong showing for some time now, Albies was even named the NL Player of the Week, further proving that his real-world performance has justified the jump to Diamond.

Trent Grisham, Currently 83 OVR, San Diego Padres

With just an 83 OVR rating at the moment, Trent Grisham would need enough upgraded stats to leap two whole points in his overall, but we've seen that happen before in roster updates.

Grisham has been strong recently, with a .480 SLG in his last 7 games, so a Diamond upgrade should be in the works either with this roster update or the next if he can continue playing well.

Matt Barnes, Currently 84 OVR, Boston Red Sox

Another likely choice to jump to Diamond this time is Matt Barnes, who has had a really strong year and managed just a 1.35 ERA and 4 Saves in his last 7 games.

Barnes also got a nod as one of the Monthly Awards picks for April, so it may finally be time for his consistency to pay off and make him one of the few Diamond closers.

Freddy Peralta, Currently 84 OVR, Milwaukee Brewers

Finally, we have Freddy Peralta, who is also floating just below the 85 OVR mark needed to go Diamond, and this could be his time.

MLB The Show 21 July 9 Roster Update Freddy Peralta
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TOPPS TO LIVE: He's already got a Diamond Topps Now, Live Series could be next

Peralta got chosen as part of the Topps Now Moments from May 24 to May 30, receiving a 90 OVR card for that, and his 1.87 ERA and 53 Strikeouts through the last 7 games definitely make this an upgrade he's earned.

In addition to this Friday's roster update, Team Affinity Season 3 is set to land just a few days later, and we've got the latest here on which new Diamonds will headline that program.

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