June Daily Moments arrive with Prime Zack Britton

MLB The Show 21 is rolling strong in the game's next chapter, and that includes the June Daily Moments Program in Diamond Dynasty.

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With all new tasks and rewards up for grabs, here's everything you need to know to complete this MLB The Show 21 program.

Latest - Double Daily Moments Points

If you wanna work your way through the June Daily Moments Program, one of the most important things is watching for days when there are Double Daily Moments Points.

Fortunately, that time has finally arrived as the first Double Points moment is now live in MLB The Show 21.


The new moment challenges you to strike out three batters without giving up two hits, but you have to complete the moment using your Ballplayer.

Don't wait too long, because this Double Points opportunity expires with this Daily Moment on June 9, 2020 at approximately 5pm CT (6pm ET/3pm PT).


June Daily Moments Program

The June Daily Moments Program is finally live in MLB The Show 21, marking the third monthly program of its kind in Diamond Dynasty.

While there are other rewards available, the key goal in the Daily Moments Program is to complete challenges each day and unlock an Evolution player.

MLB The Show 21 June Daily Moments Program Rewards Choice Pack Evolution Rewind
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LET IT BE JUNE: New month means new rewards in Diamond Dynasty

Rookie Jason Giambi was the Evolution player in April, while May included a Rookie Madison Bumgarner and Rookie Matt Kemp.


Once unlocked, you then gain access to a Player Program with a series of challenges that let you upgrade and unlock a Diamond version of that player.

The June Daily Moments Program features Rookie Gary Carter and Rookie Ozzie Smith, as well as a late program reward of Prime Zack Britton.

How to Complete in MLB The Show 21

Completing a Daily Moments Program will require coming back to the game almost on a daily basis, but the good news is the amount of work needing to be done each day isn't large.

You can simply jump into the Daily Moments Program to discover that day's Moment, which is often a simple challenge where you need a few Hits or to pitch a shutout.

The moments are usually on Veteran Difficulty, and the longest Moment you're likely to get would be a challenge to win a three inning game.

It's also important to watch for Double Points, which are available multiple times throughout the month.

Keep an eye on the MLB The Show Twitter account, as they'll often tweet out a reminder on days with Double Points, and you'll need those to reach the end of the Program.


All Diamond Dynasty Program Rewards

Completing the full June Daily Moments Program will net you 12,000 Stubs, 17 different packs, Prime Zack Britton, and the Daily Moment Profile Icon.

With just 30 days in June and 35 Points needed to complete the full program, you'll have to make sure not to miss a day and take advantage of Double Points days.

While you'll need to be on top of it for the late rewards, it only takes 15 Points to earn both of the June Evolution Choice Packs and begin those Player Programs.

The following rewards are given as you earn points in the June Daily Moments Program:

  • 1 Point: The Show Pack
  • 4 Points: 1000 Stubs
  • 5 Points: Evolution Rewind Choice Pack
  • 7 Points: 2 The Show Packs
  • 10 Points: June Evolution Choice Pack
  • 11 Points: 1000 Stubs
  • 14 Points: Headliners Set 5 Pack
  • 15 Points: June Evolution Choice Pack
  • 19 Points: Headliners Set 6 Pack
  • 23 Points: 2500 Stubs
  • 25 Points: Prime Zack Britton (93 OVR Left-Handed Closing Pitcher)
  • 29 Points: Ballin' is a Habit Pack
  • 31 Points: 3 The Show Packs
  • 33 Points: 2500 Stubs
  • 34 Points: 5 The Show Packs
  • 35 Points: 5000 Stubs & Gold Pocket Watch Daily Moment Profile Icon

Team Affinity Season 2 has also just begun in Diamond Dynasty, and you can see all the details here on what you'll be able to unlock.

Who should you pick in each Evolution Choice Pack?

The first choice you're likely to face is the Evolution Rewind Choice Pack, and the decision you make here will differ based on whether you unlocked any of the three in April or May.

Depending on how deep your bullpen is already in Diamond Dynasty, the best pick if you don't have any of them already may be Madison Bumgarner.

MLB The Show 21 June Daily Moments Program Rewards Choice Pack Evolution Rewind
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SECOND CHANCE: You can snag one of the past rewards you missed

Once fully upgraded through his Evolution Player Program, you'll have an 88 OVR Left-Handed Starting Pitcher as an anchor of your pitching.

Matt Kemp has superior Contact along with Diamond Hitting and Diamond Defense, making him a great grab at CF or his secondary positions of LF and RF.

Giambi is the weakest of the three, but has solid Contact and Power against Right-Handed Pitchers and can still slot in well at First Base in your squad.

MLB The Show 21 June Daily Moments Program Rewards Choice Pack Evolution Rewind
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CARTER'S FINAL FORM: Complete the Evolution Player Program to unlock it

As for this month's choice of Ozzie Smith and Gary Carter, the best case scenario is to earn at least 15 Points and unlock both, but pick Carter if you only manage to get one of them.

While both can upgrade to Diamond tier through their Evolution Player Program, Carter brings much more versatility as Catcher with Diamond Hitting and 1B, LF, and RF as his Secondary Positions.