MLB The Show 21 fans embrace their college spirit

MLB The Show 21 has allowed fans to use their creativity in a variety of ways, and tons of people are embracing their college spirit and bringing NCAA Baseball to the game.

With a little Stadium Creator and Logo Vault on their side, fans have brought all of the most iconic collegiate teams into MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 fans channel their college spirit

One of the main ways that players can recreate their favorite NCAA College Baseball team in MLB The Show 21 is by utilizing the school's official logos.

MLB The Show 21 NCAA College Baseball
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FIGHT FOR YOUR SCHOOL: Dozens of classic school logos have been added

While these additions are uploaded by players and not officially partnered with the game or the school, they're clearly the original logos and can be used easily when creating teams in Diamond Dynasty or Franchise Mode.

Over three-quarters of the top 40 most downloaded logos in MLB The Show 21 through the Logo Vault right now are college logos and insignias.

Some of the top schools with logos being downloaded frequently in the Logo Vault for MLB The Show 21 include: Vanderbilt, University of Michigan, University of Texas, University of North Carolina, UCLA, University of Florida, University of Miami, Auburn University, Ole Miss, Texas A&M University, Arizona State, University of Louisville, Louisiana State University, Oklahoma University, Baylor University, Texas Tech, University of Oregon, Florida State University, and many others.

NCAA Baseball even gets classic stadiums

Things take on a whole new level with the addition of Stadium Creator to MLB The Show 21 when played on next gen platforms of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

While the Stadium Vault is still a work in progress and not the most user friendly to navigate, it didn't take long to find Texas A&M's Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park.

MLB The Show 21 NCAA College Baseball
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READY THE WAR HYMN: Head to Olsen Field and saw Varsity's horns off

While the recreations in Stadium Creator aren't exact, they capture the spirit of the field and can be utilized in both Diamond Dynasty and Franchise Mode if they meet competitive standards, which is indicated by the logo on the right of the listing.

Whether you're looking to capture some old nostalgia while competing in Diamond Dynasty or create a massive NCAA-themed Franchise Mode, MLB The Show 21 and the fans have given players the pieces they need to make it happen.

If your school spirit leans to the magical side, you can also channel your inner Harry Potter and bring Hogwarts Field into your copy of MLB The Show 21.

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