12 May 2021 9:53 PM +00:00

MLB The Show 21 gets magical with Hogwarts Field

MLB The Show 21 has opened up the creative freedoms of players with the next gen exclusive Stadium Creator feature, and now it's getting some Harry Potter magic in the mix.

Players have already been putting together some epic creations, but there's something special about Hogwarts Field in MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator.

MLB The Show 21 gets a dash of Harry Potter magic

Now that players can search the Stadium Vault in MLB The Show 21 thanks to Game Update 3, you can bring the epic creations of others into your own game.

One of the latest great creations is Hogwarts Field, which was uploaded by Xbox user DrunkAtThePUBG.

MLB The Show 21 Harry Potter Stadium Creator hogwarts Quidditch
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HOGWARTS FIELD: The Quidditch pitch is looking a little Americanized here

This creation made within Stadium Creator for MLB The Show 21 took inspiration from the Harry Potter fandom, with a particular nod at Quidditch.


The fictional sport was first created for the Harry Potter series, but an adapted version has since become a nationally recognized collegiate sport.

The three rings at the end of the field are direct from the images we see of Quidditch in Harry Potter, and of course the castle on the hill is Hogwarts itself.

Stadium Creator improves, but still needs work

While the addition of search has made it possible to find creations like this by searching via creation name or the creator's Online ID, it's an imperfect search.

Stadium Creator is still unfortunately very slow, filled with lag, and more than a little glitchy, but it's creations like this that make up for that.

MLB The Show 21 Harry Potter Stadium Creator hogwarts Quidditch
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ADJUST TO PERFECTION: You can tweak stadiums after downloading them

While players might have to deal with some frustration in the download, search, and creation process, it's ultimately worthwhile.

Sony San Diego has committed to improving the title with frequent updates already dropping, and more logistical upgrades to Stadium Creator are sure to be among the things developers address moving forward.