MLB The Show 21 receives massive Fielding overhaul

Sony San Diego Studio have revealed a fielding overhaul for MLB The Show 21 ahead of release day with a new developer livestream!

Last week's Feature Premiere revealed major changes to the Hitting and Pitching systems in MLB The Show 21, and this week touched on new Fielding features.

Here's what we learned about fielding in MLB The Show 21!

New Fielding Indicators

To keep players aware of what's happening in MLB The Show 21 when fielding, the game will have many new indicators.

MLB The Show 21 fielding indicator new feature
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GET TO IT: MLB The Show 21 has new indicators to help fielding

This includes the following:

  • Route to ball indicator
  • Base for play indicator
  • Catch ball indicator
  • Enhanced tag up catch indicator
  • Extreme wall catch indicator
  • Rob home run indicator
  • Routine fly ball indicator
MLB The Show 21 rob home run fielding indicator
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THE BIG PLAY: There's no better fielding play than robbing a home run

While these will help new players the most in MLB The Show 21, they're still great for Show veterans, and they're all optional!

New Animations

MLB The Show 21 will have "hundreds and hundreds" of new fielding animations!

MLB The Show 21 fielding catching animations
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MAKE THE PLAY: MLB The Show 21 has hundreds of new animations to make a play in the field

These will largely be new unique catches including off-wall catches, fly ball catches, and more.


MLB The Show fielding can at times feel unwieldy, with players running circles around a dropped ball before picking it up.

To smooth outfield movement in MLB The Show 21, strafing has been added!

This will smooth out hits coming off of the wall, and ensuring you're in the right place for a tough grounder.

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New Legend

Each feature reveal stream for MLB The Show 21 will debut a new Legend for Diamond Dynasty!

Grady Sizemore MLB The Show 21 Legendary Diamond Dynasty
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PLAYMAKER: A new Legend has been revealed for MLB The Show 21

Last week's revealed Alfonso Soriano of the New York Yankees, so who is the new Legend reveal this week?

Sony San Diego Studio revealed Grady Sizemore of the Cleveland Indians is the next new MLB The Show 21 Legend!

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Watch MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere

MLB The Show 21 premiered its upcoming fielding features in a live stream that will come every Thursday at 6pm EST until launch day!

Last week, we finally got some longer looks at the gameplay in MLB The Show 21, and we can likely expect that to continue with the stream this week.

This week we got a full breakdown of all things fielding in MLB The Show 21.

Watch the full stream below:

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