MLB The Show 21 Hitting and Pitching Features Revealed

Thanks to a Sony San Diego Studio livestream, some new MLB The Show 21 features have been revealed!

These features cover batting and pitching. So are any a home run?

Let's dive in.

Perfect Accuracy Region (Par)

MLB The Show 21 will feature Par, or the Perfect Accuracy Region, when pitching.

MLB The Show 21 Par feature reveal blake snell pitches
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PERFECTION: Par will help pitchers to manage ball placement

This will display a region around your pitch based on your pitchers stats that give you an area where pitches should land.

With Par, Perfect pitches can be expected to land very close to the center.

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Pitching Styles - Pinpoint Pitching

In MLB The Show 21, players will be able to choose their preferred pitching style, which controls the button inputs you'll use to throw the ball.

This system will introduce a brand new pitching style, Pinpoint Pitching, which will be the hardest and most accurate.

MLB The Show 21 pitching styles Pinpoint Meter Pure Analog
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CHOICE: Which kind of pitcher will you be in MLB The Show 21?

The next pitching style is the returning Meter style, which includes a lot of variability and range for potential outcomes and is based on timing. This will be one of the easier options for new players.

The final style is the returning Pure Analog style, which tasks players with positioning the ball via the sticks, with a plate icon coming up to judge your pitches. This will be one of the easier options for new players.

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Pitch Accuracy

MLB The Show 21 will display your pitching accuracy information in a new way that gives even more information to go on.

Pitching feedback MLB The Show 21
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GRADES: MLB The Show 21 will give plenty of info to adjust around

This will include several boxes that evaluate your pitch accuracy, release, and direction each pitch.

Custom Practice

MLB The Show 21 will feature a new Custom Practice mode, which lets players customize what they practice at the plate or from the mound.

MLB The Show 21 custom practice game mode
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SIMULATE: Custom Practice lets you practice tough situations

This includes customizing the kind of pitch you'll see during practice, where they'll be, and how fast they'll come.

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Legend Reveal

The Feature Reveal livestream capped off with a massive MLB The Show 21 Legend reveal, giving players the news that New York Yankees' legend Alfonso Soriano is the first we know is coming.

Each week we will give us a new MLB The Show 21 Legend, so stay tuned for more each stream!

Other Changes

The first MLB The Show 21 feature reveal stream also revealed general improvements for hitting, baserunning, and pitching, which won't show up as new features.

Each game of the series strives to improve its core systems, and MLB The Show 21 looks to do a great job of that so far.

Full MLB The Show 21 Feature Reveal Stream

You can watch the new Features breakdown below.

This is a new kind of reveal for Sony San Diego, and will be a regular thing every Thursday at 6pm EST! This week covered hitting and pitching, and next will cover fielding.

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Previous Gameplay Features

MLB The Show is a series that takes massive leaps of improvement each year, a rare feat in sports gaming.

VICTORY LAP: Each year, The Show has improved massively
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VICTORY LAP: Each year, The Show has improved massively

Read over all of the biggest features included in the MLB The Show series for the past few years, and when they arrived.

MLB The Show 20 - Perfect-Perfect hitting introduced, update for players to throw signature fast pitches, customizable PCI visual look
MLB The Show 19 - Pitch speed increases with difficulty, plays into dynamic difficulty as well, bunting improvements, added pre-pitch bunting direction mechanic, off-speed pitches won't break as much, knuckleballs and splitters will be less effective, power hitters more prone to striking out, implemented 'squared up' PCI feedback
MLB The Show 18 - All-new batting stance editor, existing and created players can have gear/signature celebrations/batting stances customized, new celebrations and bat flips
MLB The Show 17 - Pitching relatively unchanged, one of the updates reduced hitting success in average and power, lot of people were upset by it
MLB The Show 16 - Consumable perks usable once per game introduced for batting to create big at bat moments, ShowTime in RTTS pairs with new perk system
MLB The Show 15 - Directional hitting added, new pitch trail for pitching, pitcher side-step added and other minor updates to nuanced moves pitchers can make,
MLB The Show 14 - Little change to hitting and pitching
MLB The Show 13 - Broadcast camera mode lets you pitch from the catcher's perspective
MLB The Show 12 - Pulse pitching introduced, zone analog batting

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