Roster Update Predictions include new Diamonds

MLB The Show 21 has been rolling strong since launching back in April, and they've continued to keep the game current with a frequent roster update.

With another on the horizon, we take a look at which players in Diamond Dynasty might be poised for a ratings increase in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update

MLB The Show 21 has had two roster updates so far since the title officially launched on April 20, 2021.

The first roster update was on April 30, 2021, which was exactly two weeks after the title initially released via Early Access on April 16, 2021.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update Predictions
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GET READY: The next roster update is coming soon

The second roster update was exactly two weeks later on on May 14, 2021, and that means the next will be released on Friday, April 28, 2021 if the two week frequency holds up.

The attribute changes in these roster updates are specific to Diamond Dynasty, and they affect only the Live Series cards.

New Diamonds Predictions

When the first roster update landed, we saw Trea Turner and Byron Buxton snag Diamond tier after being only Gold out of the gate, but that update also had Jose Abreu and Matt Chapman losing their Diamond status.

The second only saw Francisco Lindor losing his Diamond status, but also had four new diamonds as James Karinchak, Brandon Woodruff, Giancarlo Stanton, and Xander Bogaerts all saw increases.

The following players are most likely to become diamonds in the next roster update:

Jose Abreu, Currently 83 OVR, Chicago White Sox

There could be some redemption in order as Abreu was one of the first players to lose Diamond status, but it could depend on exactly when Sony San Diego makes these adjustment decisions.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update Predictions
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RATINGS REDEMPTION: Abreau could earn back his Diamond status

Abreu saw his overall decrease in the May 14 Roster Update despite a string of 8 RBIs between May 9 and May 12, and he struggled a bit in the three-game series against the Yankees, but Abreu has done enough in the last few weeks to push himself up to an 85 OVR and earn back Diamond status.

Lance Lynn, Currently 84 OVR, Chicago White Sox

While he's only pitched five games this month, starting pitcher Lance Lynn has been relatively solid and is right on the cusp with an 84 OVR rating in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty.

Lynn pitched seven innings with four strikeouts while giving up only a single run in Chicago's 5-1 defeat of St. Louis on May 24, which should be enough to edge him into Diamond tier in the next roster update.

Corey Kluber, Currently 79 OVR, New York Yankees

This is the dark horse here, but Kluber just might pull off a major leap. The first roster update saw Byron Buxton jump from 83 OVR to 87 OVR with a major 4-point increase.

This would be even more massive, but a 6-point increase to 85 OVR just might be warranted after Kluber's nine strikeouts in a no-hitter on the road against the Rangers on May 19.

Other Diamond Dynasty Ratings

While not an example of players jumping into Diamond status, there are a few players already in that upper echelon that could see their ratings soar even higher in this roster update.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is on fire right now with four home runs since May 19, 2021 and could see an increase with this roster update that bumps him from 89 OVR just a bit higher to a 90 OVR rating.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update Predictions
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COVER BOOST: The cover athlete could still be on the rise

Xander Bogaerts has managed 4 RBIs in Boston's last two wins over the Phillies, and it could see him rising once again to an 86 OVR rating.

Already one of the best closers in Diamond Dynasty, Liam Hendriks could see a slight boost from 85 OVR to 86 OVR considering he's had three saves since May 13, 2021.

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