The Show 21 Closed Beta ends, Demo might be coming

MLB The Show 21 is prepared to have one of the top sports releases of 2021, and that began with a closed beta and could lead to a demo very soon.

While the closed beta has come to an end, there could still be an MLB The Show 21 demo prior to the title being released.

Latest News - On the mound

Oakland Athletics pitcher Jesus Luzardo is the latest player revealed to be joining the 42 Series on MLB The Show 21.

The 23-year-old Peruvian star managed 59 strikeouts in 2020 and already has 14 so far this season.

MLB The Show 21 Demo

There is still speculation that Sony San Diego will drop news about a demo for MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Closed Beta Technical Test Demo
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TECH TEST: Players who enjoyed the Closed Beta could also get a Demo

The title is scheduled to release on April 20, 2021, with Early Access allowing players to get started as soon as April 16 if they get one of the game's special editions.

The demo would expected to be revealed late this month, or perhaps early in April, but there's no official word just yet.

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Beta Tech Test comes to an end

MLB The Show 21 had their closed beta, or Tech Test, going since February 23rd.

For those who have enjoyed trying out the title before it launches and helping developers, things came to an end on March 1, 2021..

Developers expressed thanks for those who participated in the closed beta, as their feedback will be crucial to improving the game and making fixes prior to launch next month.

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MLB The Show 21 Beta

Sony's San Diego Studio took a big step by announcing an MLB The Show 21 beta in the form of a technical test.

MLB The Show 21 Beta Technical Test Gameplay Trailer
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FIRST LOOK: A new trailer gives us a glimpse into MLB The Show 21 gameplay

While technical tests are a bit more tame than typical betas, this allowed players to try out MLB The Show 21 early and get a feel for what's coming on launch day.

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Start & End Date

The MLB The Show 21 beta opened up on February 23rd, those who had the opportunity to try it out saw the beta end on March 1st.

How to Sign Up (Currently Closed)

To sign up for the MLB The Show 21 Beta, you had to visit this link.

MLB The Show 21 Beta How to Sign Up
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BEST BEHAVIOR: The MLB The Show 21 technical test comes with some rules

Only a limited number of players were allowed to participate and give their input on the title ahead of launch day.

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Players were able to test out online multiplayer, crossplay, and even give feedback on MLB The Show 21 gameplay in the beta/technical test!

MLB The Show 21 beta crossplay multiplayer gameplay
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OUT OF THE PARK: The MLB The Show 21 beta will allow multiplayer and crossplay

This goes far beyond the typical beta, which usually only allows for Play Now style game modes, and two teams to choose from.

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Closed Beta

The MLB The Show 21 technical test has been a closed beta, which has a specific ruleset that Sony's San Diego Studio have clarified. They requested that players who sign up read over these rules, which include not recording and sharing footage from the beta.

The punishment for recording or streaming footage of the MLB The Show 21 beta was to be removal from the beta and potentially being banned from future tests as well as playing the game come launch day!

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Xbox Game Pass gets The Show on day one

MLB The show 21 is making a big debut on Xbox consoles this year after previously being a PlayStation exclusive, but now it'll also be joining Xbox Game Pass.

It's a big opportunity for Xbox, but also great news for any fans who were planning to get the Standard Edition on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

Rather than paying full price, they can now gain release day access to MLB The Show 21 just by being a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass.

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