MLB The Show 21 to have Complete Fielding Overhaul

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MLB The Show 21 is just over a month away, and the excitement is continuing to ramp up with new Feature Premieres scheduled each week.

We already know this week's MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere will look at the game's Fielding system, but a new Q&A gave us a sneak peek of the changes that are coming.

MLB The Show 21 Fielding Overhaul

After last week's Feature Premiere on Hitting and Pitching, there is plenty of excitement to see the changes that have been made to the Fielding system.


In a brief Q&A, MLB The Show 21 Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist Ramone Russell spoke to Coach and answered some burning questions about the Fielding update.

While this was just a preview, it does give us some useful information as we look forward to a deeper dive this Thursday.

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Fielding Gameplay Changes to Come

While more is to come during the Feature Premiere this Thursday, we did get some valuable details during this Q&A, including that outfield catches at the wall and jump catches at the wall, their "biggest area of focus for gameplay" have been revamped.

MAJOR CHANGES: Fielding is getting some much-needed TLC
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MAJOR CHANGES: Fielding is getting some much-needed TLC

There have also been updates to the onboarding system for new players with the hope that it'll help people get used to the Fielding system more quickly.

Hundreds of fielding animations have been added, the art on the home run robbing meter has been updated to be more intuitive, jump catches and diving catches have new indicators to help with timing, and fixes have been made to issues with balls at the wall in the outfield.

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