MLB The Show 21 to deliver on wanted Next Gen upgrades

MLB The show 21 is slated to be the first big sports title of the year, and the series is showing a lot of promise with even more potential to be fulfilled.

We've gotten some updates, but there is still a lot we want to see when MLB The Show 21 launches in April.

Latest News - Next Gen Trailer shows off stunning visuals

One of the most anticipated parts of MLB The Show 21 is the debut on Next Gen consoles, and it looks like the developers have heard that loud and clear.

In the new Next Gen trailer dropped on March 2, 2021, we got an update from Coach and Tatis Jr. that dove into the stunning 4K 60FPS graphics that players on Next Gen platforms will get to enjoy.

They also revealed Stadium Creator, a new feature to create a customized ballpark that will only be available on Next Gen versions of MLB The Show 21.

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#1 - Next Gen Optimization

MLB The Show 20 came out long before the push to next gen consoles, so MLB The Show 21 will be the series debut on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

NBA 2K21 next gen graphics MLB The Show 21
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INDUSTRY STANDARD: NBA 2K21 raised the bar for next gen graphics - can MLB The Show 21 push back?

With this massive opportunity, MLB The Show 21 should be the most polished sports experience next gen consoles have to offer, and we expect SIE San Diego will take full advantage of next gen hardware.

If this isn't the case, this will be a big letdown with so long to adjust MLB The Show 21 to next gen consoles.

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#2 - More Platforms for MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show is baseball gaming's premiere franchise, and it isn't even really close.

MLB The Show 21 Xbox One Xbox Series X PC PS4 PS5
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DO THE ROUNDS: MLB The Show remains the Grand Slam of baseball gaming

With this in mind, some gamers have been frustrated with the series being PlayStation exclusive in the past.

We do now know that it will be headed to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S with an exciting debut on Xbox consoles.

However, news of a potential Nintendo Switch or PC version of the game have yet to break, and players are still hoping that will change.

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#3 - More Love for Diamond Dynasty

Ultimate Team game modes in sports have been the driving force and most played formats for years, and while MLB The Show have done amazing things with Diamond Dynasty, there's still room to grow on this front.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Packs Challenges
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ACTIVITY: Diamond Dynasty always has something going on

Whether it's more convenient management tools, expanding into new game modes, adding more players by expanding to other consoles and PC, or improving customization options - Diamond Dynasty improvements will be massively appreciated in the community.

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#4 - Fielding Fixes

Batting and pitching have always been massively intricate mechanics in MLB The Show, and allowing players to choose their own systems (at the cost of accuracy) is a great way to balance players of all skill levels.

MLB The Show 21 fielding gameplay
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ROBBERY: Every fielders dream in MLB The Show is to rob a home run

Unfortunately these don't carry over to fielding, however. Not only is fielding less engaging in general, it also is where many in-game issues lie, with players struggling to make simple catches and counter-intuitive player selection issues causing big errors.

Since fielding is so punishing on mistakes, this is an area where we hope MLB The Show 21 really improves.

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#1 - Expand Road to the Show

MLB The Show has one of the most engaging and entertaining career modes in sports gaming with Road to the Show.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show RTTS career mode
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FLAIR: MLB The Show 20 brought tons of personal flair to RTTS

While it's a genre standard in many respects, however, it could use further innovation.

Some awesome new features in the MLB The Show series in Road to the Show include personality traits (and skill trees), as well as maintaining relationships with teammates and opponents alike.

By expanding on these areas, MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show could be more immersive than ever, with voiceover conversations and more interaction choices being amazing ideas we hope take root.

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