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MLB The Show 20: The Show Goes On 2 - Diamond Dynasty event date, players, packs & more

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The Show Goes On is a popular event game mode in MLB The Show that features Flashback players and Live Series players to build a team around.


The team you build must win at all costs, as rewards are tied to wins per entry and overall wins.

Diamond Dynasty has fast become the most popular game mode in MLB The Show, so if you want to take on the best you need to be in it!

Let's go over what we know so far about The Show Goes On 2.

Draft pool

Like most of MLB The Show 20's online game modes, The Show Goes On features a draft before you get to the on-field action.

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This draft will feature players from the Flashback and Live Series sets. This means you'll have some very talented options to fill your roster before queuing up. And when you don't, it's free to forfeit and try again to maximize your time.

The Show Goes On

MLB The Show 20 The Show Goes On rewards diamond dynasty prospects choice pack brooks robinson
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Brooks Robinson was the diamond reward for The Show Goes On


The format for The Show Goes On is simple. Once you draft your team, you battle it out with other players in 3-inning games to stack wins and earn prizes.

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The first edition of The Show Goes On for MLB The Show 20 featured several huge prizes for players that were able to chain together enough wins before the event ended. The biggest prizes included Diamond Brook Robinson for 70 wins, and 20 regular packs for 100 wins.

On top of these longer-term goals you have prizes for your number of wins each run to keep you earning between the big milestones.

Release date

The Show Goes On 2 goes live on MLB The Show 20 at 3am PT on 2 April.

Because this event is so reliant on total wins and wins per run, players should be ready for launch to get as many chances as possible. After all, your competition will be.


MLB The Show 20 The Show Goes On repeatable rewards diamond dynasty prospects choice pack brooks robinson
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Incremental rewards can net some seriously talented players


We predict that the power level between The Show Goes on 1 and 2 will be kept similar, with 100 wins netting you 20 packs, 80 wins netting you 10 packs, and 30 wins netting you 5 packs.

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The event will also likely include a new diamond player at 70 wins, and the ability to earn the most recent Prospects Choice Pack. So even if you aren't intending on earning things the hard way, you may want to watch the community marketplace just in case.

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