MLB The Show 20: Diamond Dynasty Headliners Set 6 pack - Release date, featured player & more

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The Headliners set in MLB The Show 20's Diamond Dynasty has introduced a number of talented diamond level players.

Players highlighted by these packs are talented enough to change Diamond Dynasty immediately on release, which makes for a fun day on the Community Market.

Let's go over what we know so far about Headliners Set 6.

Release date

We can expect Headliners Set 6 to come on March 31st according to SIE San Diego Studio. The release date comes from the in-game schedule, where another key detail for the set was also included, but we'll get to that.

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Headliners Set 5 came out on the same day as the last Prospects Choice pack, which is something the studio will probably avoid in the future due to market chaos.

Headliners Set

The Headliners Set packs offer players the chance at a particular diamond player with a higher chance to be opened, but only 5 opportunities to do it.

MLB The Show 20 Headliners Set 4 Pack Johnny Bench Diamond Dynasty
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Headliners Set 4 included legendary Reds catcher Johnny Bench

The odds aren't perfect that you'll pull the headliner you're looking for in these packs, but at 7500 stubs, they're significantly less painful to save for than Prospects Choice packs for instance.

Still, the set packs are worth 5 regular packs each, and unless you're really looking for a particular upgrade, many players should stick to other options to get the most bang for their stub.

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But for players who can afford it, the Headliners Set packs are a great way to push your Diamond Dynasty ahead by injecting a fantastic talent fresh out of the pack.

If you're fast, you can even flip the headliner on the community marketplace for a big profit.

What kind of player will be in set 6?

MLB The show 20 marketplace Johnny Bench
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Headliners have a big effect on the community marketplace

The Headliners Set bounces between batters and pitchers. MLB The Show 20 tells players via their timeline in-game what kind of diamond the pack will highlight.

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According to the board, Set 6 will be a return to the mound, including the second pitcher of the series this year.

Who will it be?

jesus luzardo community marketplace diamond dynasty prospects choice pack set 3
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Jesus Luzardo was added in the Prospects Set 3 Choice pack

Guessing at who will come in the next Headliners pack is part of the fun. After all, we only have position to go on, considering the player can be from any point in baseball history.

But if recent releases are any indication, this will most likely be a reliever. We've seen plenty of standout starting pitchers in Diamond Dynasty so far, and recently even a couple more standout closers, but pure relievers have gotten the short end for too long.

While they aren't the most exciting pitchers, a great reliever can easily turn an entire game around. A new elite option would mean less changing other pitchers over to fit your lineup, which would be more realistic. We wouldn't expect anything less out of the Headliners set.

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