MLB The Show 20 Patch 1.06: Patch Notes, Updates & more

MLB The Show 20's newest patch tackles a number of current problems in-game. While some patches make more gameplay adjustments, this patch is almost entirely about bug fixing.

Let's go over the changes that are coming today in Patch 1.06.


MLB The Show 20 Minor League RTTS Franchise Mode
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Bug fixes can be fun! Right?

The patch will fix some glaring issues with balls going through and under outfield walls that rob players of making bigger plays. It will also fix issues with sliding where baserunners stayed standing in clutch situations.

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Perhaps the most significant changes come with an increased hitbox for fielders to tag incoming runners while charging up a throw, and improving pitcher's ability to cover home and catch runners. And for RTTS players, you will now have an R2 prompt to steal bases.

All other changes

mariano rivera mlb the show 20
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Mariano Rivera players will enjoy bug fixes for the outfield wall

The patch hits across 3 areas, gameplay changes, ui changes, and misc. changes.

For gameplay changes, beyond what was already mentioned the patch also means you will no longer see your fielder and runner settings as "auto" in the Lead Runner Window.

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For UI changes, The Show has fixed a bug where your Legends would have a different head if you brought over a save from MLB The Show 19 (you aren't crazy). The patch also fixes an issue where pitching feedback wouldn't display when in the Options Explorer.

For miscellaneous changes the patch has fixed a bug where players experienced crashing starting an exhibition game after a Team Affinity moment. It also targeted sound issues across the board, most importantly awkward moments where the crowd audio would completely cut out. The final bug fix allows for pitchers to show up on the bench in Sim Manager as substitution options.

Check out the new patch

maddux mlb the show 20
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Take the mound to see some of the biggest patch changes

Patch 1.06 is now live across all regions, so load up your game and explore the new bug fixes!

Along the way, be sure to find more for The Show to eliminate. This early into release there are sure to be some good ones still lurking.

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