MLB The Show 20: Best left fielders (LF) in Franchise Mode, RTTS, & March to October – Juan Soto, Joey Gallo & more

Need a great left fielder for your franchise? We have you covered. These are the best out there.

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mlb the show 20 lf left field ovr

It’s baseball season, and MLB The Show 20 is here!

At least, it would be baseball season but coronavirus has forced MLB to postpone the start of the regular season indefinitely.

Still, MLB The Show 20 can give you the fix of baseball that you need to survive.

The PS4-exclusive game has been a big hit, you can read our review to find out why!

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This year’s game features excellent offline game modes. Franchise Mode, March to October, and Road to the Show are all worth your time, and each uses the same roster.

The best left fielders (LF) in MLB The Show 20

This article will be focused on the best left fielders to use in these offline modes.

We are looking for players that have their primary position as left field. We don’t care if they are lefties or righties at the plate, and we are going for players that have the highest overall possible regardless of age, contract status, or versatility.

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So who are the best left fielders in MLB The Show 20? Let’s take a look.

Juan Soto – 91 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf soto

The top left fielder in MLB The Show 20 is World Series hero Juan Soto.

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The Nationals star man is just 21 years old and brings perfect 99 plate discipline and stellar performance against righties with 90 power and 80 contact. He also has 92 durability and ok 65 fielding.

Joey Gallo – 91 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf allo

The terror of Texas comes in with a 91 OVR.

Joey Gallo retains his perfect 99 power (vs R & L) from last year, and gets 99 discipline too. He’s also got a rocket of an arm with 97 strength and 95 accuracy so running on him is out of the question.

Tommy Pham – 91 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf pham

Tommy Pham may be the wrong side of 30 but he is still an excellent do-it-all player.

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Pham’s best stat is his discipline (91), but there isn’t much he doesn’t do well. With 89 contact vs lefties he can get on base, and his 75 speed will help him take extras. He’s also got 75 reaction and 74 fielding.

JD Martinez – 90 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf martinez

Boston’s biggest bat is next up, as JD Martinez checks in with a 90 OVR.

The righty crushes left-handed pitching, with perfect 99 power, 99 contact along with 99 clutch. He is pretty great against righties too with 88 power and 82 contact. Don’t rely on his glove though, with just 45 fielding and 47 reaction he is a DH in all but name.

Giancarlo Stanton – 88 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf stanton

The Yankees star is next. Giancarlo Stanton’s big bat checks in with an 88 OVR score.

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He has perfect 99 power against lefties and 88 against rights. He’s got 97 durability and is better in the field than you’d think with 81 arm strength and 71 fielding.

Eddie Rosario – 88 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf rosario

Eddie Rosario is another solid all-round talent with his 88 OVR.

He brings 80 power vs righties and 75 contact against lefties to the plate, along with 85 arm accuracy and 80 arm strength in the field.

Marcell Ozuna – 87 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf ozuna

We head over to the National League and the Atlanta Braves next with the 87 OVR Marcell Ozuna.

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The 29-year-old comes with 75 power against lefties and 73 against righties, along with 82 clutch. He has 86 arm accuracy and 81 reaction.

Kyle Schwarber – 86 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf schwarber

The Cubs left fielder Kyle Schwarber is next up with an 86 OVR.

He brings towering power of 92 vs righties to the plate along with 95 durability and 94 discipline. He’s also got 85 arm accuracy and reasonable 69 fielding.

Nick Castellanos – 86 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf castellanos

The Cincinnati Reds player Nick Castellanos is next, also with an 86 OVR.

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He has perfect 99 contact against lefties, along with 86 power to be a real terror against them. He has 92 durability and decent enough stats against righties to be a strong hitting option, his 54 fielding is a worry though.

David Peralta – 86 OVR

mlb the show 20 lf peralta

Arizona’s David Peralta rounds out the top 10 with his 86 OVR.

The lefty has excellent 92 contact against right-handed pitchers, along with 90 clutch. He has 86 reaction and 81 fielding too, but is slow with just 47 speed.

All the best left fielders (LF) in MLB The Show 20

Juan SotoWashington Nationals2191
Joey GalloTexas Rangers2691
Tommy PhamSan Diego Padres3291
JD MartinezBoston Red Sox3290
Giancarlo StantonNew York Yankees3088
Eddie RosarioMinnesota Twins2888
Marcell OzunaAtlanta Braves2987
Kyle SchwarberChicago Cubs2786
Nick CastellanosCincinnati Reds2886
David PeraltaArizona Diamondbacks3286
Michael BrantleyHouston Astros3285
Avisail GarciaMilwaukee Brewers2885
David DahlColorado Rockies2685
Yordan AlvarezHouston Astros2283
Joc PedersonLos Angeles Dodgers2783
Andrew McCutchenPhiladelphia Phillies3383
Justin UptonLos Angeles Angels3283
Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox2382
Corey DickersonMiami Marlins3082
Ryan BraunMilwaukee Brewers3682
Kike HernandezLos Angeles Dodgers2881
Mike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants2980
Andrew BenintendiBoston Red Sox2580
Domingo SantanaCleveland Indians2779
Khris DavisOakland Athletics3279
Adam DuvallAtlanta Braves3179

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