MLB The Show 20 Trophy Guide: What you need to go platinum - Diamond Dynasty, RTTS, review & more

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Some players have already got their hands on MLB The Show 20.

Early access weekend returned for those that pre-ordered high-end editions.

For the rest of us, the game has an official release date of 17 March.

This year's offering from SIE San Diego is shaping up to be the best yet, you can read our review of it here!

With a lot of new features and even a fresh game mode within Diamond Dynasty, there is a lot to explore within MLB The Show 20.

As with all games, you can earn trophies throughout your play. If you are a serious hunter of trophies and want that platinum you will need to collect them all.

MLB The Show 20 trophy list

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TAKE ME HOME: What do you need to do to be a platinum star?

To earn every trophy in MLB The Show 20 will take some commitment.

You'll need to play several different game modes, from Diamond Dynasty and its new game mode "Showdown", to Road to the Show and Franchise Mode.

A lot of these will take some impressive gameplay and a lot of hours, so get ready to grind!

Trophy Name Requirement Trophy Type
Blast From The PastCollect any Silver tier Legend or Fantasy cardBronze
And So It Begins...Reach level 10 in your Universal ProfileBronze
Got'em Coach!Throw out a runner attempting to steal by hitting the "perfect throw"Bronze
Show Me the Way to Go HomeHave the same player collect two RBI's before scoring a run within a gameBronze
Not On My WatchThrow a "perfect throw" to home for an out from the outfieldBronze
That Looks NiceEquip a nameplate and icon onto your Universal ProfileBronze
The Show Showdown!Participate in a Diamond Dynasty ShowdownBronze
Slam It!Equip any new bat slam animation onto your Road to the Show or Diamond Dynasty characterBronze
See Ya!Strike out a batter with three pitchesBronze
Moonshot!Hit a 400+ ft home runSilver
That Felt Good!Hit with "perfect hit" contact for a home runSilver
They're All Mine!Collect any 10 equipment itemsSilver
Halfway There!Reach level 50 in your Universal ProfileSilver
This Day in Baseball HistoryComplete any Diamond Dynasty MomentSilver
Vanquished!Conquer any conquest map to 100% completionSilver
One Run For Each OneScore a run or more in each inning of a full 9-inning gameSilver
It's So Pretty!Collect any Diamond level player cardGold
Down But Not OutTie the score after being down by 3 runs in a gameGold
Silver But It Feels Like GoldReach Silver level 1 in your Universal ProfileGold
Show The Who's BossWin a Final Showdown in Diamond DynastyGold
Gold CollectorCollect any 30 Gold tier player cardsGold
Solid Gold!Equip your entire Diamond Dynasty team with Gold tier player cards or betterGold
King Of The DiamondEarn all of The Show 20 trophiesPlatinum

Diamond Dynasty

MLB's version of Ultimate Team features heavily in this year's trophy list.

That is thanks to the new game mode Showdown as well as the usual reason - to drive online purchases.

Still, you shouldn't need to spend any more money to earn these trophies.


Last year’s gameplay was terrific, and it is once again for MLB The Show 20.


Game presentation is excellent, and stepping up to the plate feels more realistic than any sports game around at the moment.

The new PCI is good and less obtrusive, while the controls remain easy to grasp with plenty of options if you want to change them up.

The new "perfect-perfect" system requires you to be precise with your timing, and there are trophies to reward you for getting your perfect swing together.

You can read our full review here.

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