Zombie Army 4: Dead War: Five key takeaways

Everyone loves a Zombie survival game, right? Well, Rebellion Developments fan favourite trilogy Zombie Army just became a tetralogy - as Zombie Army 4: Dead War hit the shelves.

The game was released on February 3rd however we got exclusive access to the game ahead of its release, meaning we have been able to put in even more hours to find the good, the bad and the ugly in the new title.

Unorthadox Zombies keep you on your toes

The Zombie Army fanatics amongst you will know that one of the main differences in the series so far compared to other top-end zombie titles is that Zombie Army likes to do things a little bit differently when it comes to the undead.

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Fear not, as there are some classics returning, notably the suicide bombers and the brutes - and the brutes are as frustratingly tough as ever - but there’s also room for new faces and it has to be said, we never thought we’d see a zombie shark in any stretch of life, but zombie sharks do exist, as you’ll come to see.

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ZOMBIE SHARKS! Now we’re not saying they are the best thing ever but...

Without giving the game away too much, there’s plenty of surprises in store in the form of different types of zombie, enough to keep you on your toes as you navigate your way through the title.

The Slo-Mo is NEXT LEVEL

Now if slo-mo wasn’t in the series, you wouldn’t have too many qualms. But now that we’ve seen it in Zombie Army 4, there’s no going back.

We can’t quite work out if there is any link between the quality of your shot and the times when the slo-mo appears - for instance not every headshot will come in slo-mo (thank God) - but it sure makes you feel good when it comes.

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As you would expect from the developers of Sniper Elite, the visuals are pretty impressive as the bullet flies through the air and critically impales your enemy, showing their skeleton crack as the bullet flies through their body.

The campaign continues to grow

Whilst the co-op modes are fun, it’s clear that the main mode that the developers want you to get stuck into is the campaign and there’s plenty for you to get your teeth stuck into.

The campaign can be played alone or with up to three friends and both ways fun yet difficult enough to keep you playing.

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CHOICE! There is a choice of four characters to begin your campaign as.

There are nine missions - all set in 1940’s Italy - with plenty of variation between them making them feel like nine standalone challenges, which in essence, they are.

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The zombies in each level have their own skills too. Remember those zombie sharks we talked about earlier? Yeah, you’ll come across them at some point whilst you’ll also be tasked with travelling across to Mount Vesuvius to take down the undead Hitler.

Zombie Army is officially a standalone title

Despite initially starting as a spin-off from Sniper Elite, Zombie Army 4 proves that the Rebellion Developments team is taking this series seriously.

Sure, it still takes inspiration from the Sniper Elite titles with things like the slo-mo effects and the fact that it doesn’t really take itself that seriously like some other zombie shooters do, but there has been some serious work put into it.

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BOOM! There are obvious comparisons with sister title Sniper Elite.

The graphics are crisper than ever and they have continued to add more elements of surprise in terms of zombie spawn locations, methods of killing and the aforementioned unorthodox zombies - yes were going to talk about the zombie sharks again - but you certainly won’t feel shortchanged with this game.

More kills = more fun

That seems to be the motto that the creators of Zombie Army 4 have followed, as the long and short of the game is to mow down as many zombies as is humanly possible.

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Despite being set in Nazi Italy(?) the game isn’t hard to understand and there is enough different types of guns and weapons to keep you entertained.

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ITALY? Hitler lived in Italy... who knew?

But the main thing is the quick spawn rate of the zombies, they just keep coming and coming and coming and then when you think you’re done, they come again.

You don’t need to be a seasoned veteran to play these games. It is just a fun, carefree zombie-killing title. And that is exactly what it was meant to be.

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