Yasuo Revealed As New Project L Champion

Riot Games fans are eating well with so much Project L content! After revealing new gameplay mechanics like Duo Play, we got a look at a brand-new character joining the fray, Yasuo!

The reveal came during the first hours of Evo 2023, with players at the venue able to play as Yasuo alongside three other Champions (Darius, Ahri, and Ekko). If you're familiar with fighting games, Yasuo's move set will look extremely familiar to the likes of Vergil from the Marvel vs Capcom series.

Yasuo joins Project L's roster

The Project L cast of characters is slowly but surely coming together, with Yasuo being the seventh confirmed character after Ahri, Ekko, Darius, Jinx, Katarina, and Illaoi.

Check his amazing reveal trailer and gameplay in the official YouTube video down below.

Yasuo's gameplay seems to revolve around throwing out big hitboxes and getting stylish hit confirms, and turning those into epic aerial combos.

He will also feature a stance mechanic that will allow him to be a menace offensively but also a well-rounded defensive character with the ability to deal with projectiles effectively and win neutral with the aforementioned massive hitboxes.

It's worth noting that if seeing such a technical character being shown turns you off from trying out Project L, do know that the game won't feature any motion inputs of any kind.

Specials will be done similarly to how you would do them in Smash Bros. By simply inputting a direction and pressing a specific button, your Champion can perform a variety of moves that you can link together for massive combos and damage.

Riot Games has promised us more information by the end of the year, with the release of a Project L beta not out of the realm of possibility. Having said that, don't expect news on an actual release date as the game is still in the middle of development, with more than half the roster yet to be revealed.

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