UFL: New Gameplay showcases MAJOR promise

UFL West Ham

UFL West Ham

UFL is aiming to break into the football gaming sphere and become a genuine challenger to the likes of FIFA and eFootball.

The Strikerz Inc. title aims to set itself apart from FIFA by being free to play (like eFootball) but ensuring it is not pay-to-win without infamous loot boxes.

A lot of the game's success will hinge on its gameplay, and a new showcase has certainly showcased some promising first steps.

With Alpha gameplay now released for UFL, we want to take a look at whether this game could well and truly topple the establishment.

UFL Alpha Gameplay

Strikerz Inc. have been dropping hints about UFL for some time and this new gameplay showcase is the biggest piece of news we've received for a while.

The gameplay showcases near enough a full game of UFL, with stadia, commentary and player movements all coming along nicely.

Recently, we have received more and more news regarding UFL and this most recent update has been the biggest we've seen so far, with the game edging closer towards release.

The release of UFL gameplay has certainly got the football community talking as well, with many wondering what this will all mean for the future of football gaming.

Promising Signs

In order for UFL to overthrow the likes of FIFA, eFootball and the future EA Sports FC game, the gameplay will have to be near enough perfect.

People want immersion in their sports games and the general atmosphere showcased in the Alpha Gameplay has certainly showcased plenty of promise.

UFL Ronaldo
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SIUUUUU - CR7 is a UFL ambassador

The game looks to have implemented many of the promises stated, with a crisp look and exciting new feel immediately differentiating it from the same formula we've seen from EA in the past decade.

UFL's free-to-play model will also naturally see curiosity get the better of people and download this game in order to try it.

The lack of authentic player names may prove to be the biggest issue, but overall this upcoming release looks to be doing everything it can to provide a top-class, free-to-play game for the community.

UFL Gameplay
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FIRST LOOK - UFL's gameplay is looking good

Further innovations and changes will be made, as UFL continually look to mount a challenge that could see them become a legitimate FIFA/EA competitor.

Release Date

There is still no official release date for UFL, but with the upcoming gameplay reveal we must be getting close to one being announced.

The developers still refer to it as "ongoing", with the only hint from the trailer being that it is "coming soon".

With the disastrous start to life that eFootball had, the game makers are taking their time to make sure it is as polished as possible before committing to a date.

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