UFC 4 seemingly confirmed by UFC Fight Card: Official Reveal Date Announced?

With EA Play a distant memory, many UFC fans were left without their dream announcement of UFC 4 at the digital showcase.

However, a recent fight card shared on the UFC official Twitter page may have seemingly confirmed that there will indeed be a UFC 4.

Here's what we know so far.

Latest News - UFC 4 Revealed!

UFC 4 has finally been revealed, and you can find out everything about it right here.

Keep reading to see how a small detail on a fight card, led to the exciting reveal!

UFC 4 Confirmed?

The below fight card for UFC 251, has a very small logo for UFC 4 in the bottom left.

UFC announcement
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BOTTOM LEFT: Take a look at what's hiding over there!

While there is no official confirmation that UFC 4 is going ahead - well, we can safely assume from the logo and 'official reveal', that we're going to see it in action on July 11.

This will be news to many UFC fans ears, as many thought that they would see either a Fight Night title, or UFC title at EA Play.

When can we hear more?

It has been two years since the last title, so fans will be itching to find out more!

It may well be likely we'll start hearing more information in the lead up to the reveal.

Questions surrounding next-gen, backwards compatibility, and the all-important cover star will surely be a the top of players' lists!

We'll be updating our articles with all the latest information on this story as it develops, so be sure to check back in with us.

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