A new Assassin's Creed title is in the making at Ubisoft: Watch Dogs Legion, Far Cry, Rainbow Six Quarantine & more

A ton of new information about French publisher and developer Ubisoft has been revealed.

In a recent financial call, the company confirmed that Watch Dogs Legion, Gods & Monsters and Rainbow Six Quarantine, but they also mentioned that two other massive titles will be on the list.

2020 was already looking pretty special for Ubisoft, but we've now heard new Far Cry and Assassin's Creed entries could be in the making, which has the gaming community going wild.

Continue reading for all the details we have.

Unconfirmed Ubisoft titles

Two of Ubisoft's biggest franchises are poised to make a return before April 2021.

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ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER LEAK: This is the news that fans of Assassin's Creed and Far Cry have been waiting for

One of these games will be Assasin's Creed: Ragnarok, and the other will be the next instalment to the Far Cry series.

Confirmed Ubisoft titles

Besides these two allegedly new entries, Ubisoft already had a few games lined up for release in 2020.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft's new game will be set in a post-Brexit London, with a map that will take at least half an hour to cover!

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The story puts you in the London branch of the DedSec hacker group, who are battling a regime that has taken control of the United Kingdom, via a state-of-the-art surveillance system.

The big selling point of Legion is that every character you meet can be recruited and controlled, as you build up your very own resistance movement.

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Each character has their own background and skillset, meaning that they provide a dynamic influence on the story.

Gods and Monsters

Ubisoft unveiled an interesting title at E3 2019 that got us excited for its early 2020 release.

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The new game is titled Gods and Monsters.

We only have a vague idea of what the game will entail, but judging from the gorgeous trailer, it’s going to include a lot of captivating combat. 

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Described as “storybook adventure” set in a fantastical open-world of Greek mythology, the game features vast landscapes that look like they could have been taken straight from the Breath of the Wild series.

In what appears to be a fantasy setting you can see lush greenery and vast landscapes, giving gamers a general sense of the overall style that the game takes.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

Rainbow Six Quarantine was only revealed at E3 2019 as a horror spin-off from Rainbow Six Siege, but now we know much more about the next instalment.

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An official Rainbow Six Quarantine release date hasn't been confirmed yet but in the latest Ubisoft financial call, CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that the game will be released before the end of the fiscal year.

If you can't physically wait to play the game you can head to the official Rainbow Six Quarantine site to "register for updates and the chance to play early".

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