Standout Titles of PAX East 2020: Animal Crossing, Disintegration, DOOM Eternal & more

PAX East is a gaming and technology convention that continues to grow in significance year on year.

In fact, PAX East is now the largest video gaming convention in North America, which makes it a prime spot for developers to show off their latest titles.

Although PAX East 2020 has now been and gone, we've rounded up some of the most exciting games that were available for play at the convention.

It's time to dive into the titles, so continue below for all the details we could gather.

Doom Eternal

A few lucky gamers have been able to play Doom Eternal at recent preview events, where they allegedly got to rip through the first three levels of the game.

doom eternal pax east
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Attendees of PAX East 2020 will get another opportunity to get hands-on with the game and find out just how much the combat has really changed since Doom (2016).

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The game keeps you on the move and forces players to cycle through its intense combat scenarios with various tools and abilities.

Doom Eternal is shaping up to be a wild card, but we already know that it has built on Doom 2016's formula in meaningful ways.


Disintegration will be the next game to come from the Halo series' co-creator Marcus Lehto.

disintegration halo creator
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It's also a first-person mech-based shooter that integrates some aspects from MOBA games where you spawn and command your units simultaneously.

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A full narrative-driven single-player campaign is supposedly in the works, but the recent closed-beta showed a select number of gamers the unique nature of the mechanics.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A select number of people were given around 20 minutes of hands-on time with Tom Nook's vacation island.

animal crossing new horizons
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Allegedly, many of returning features have improved and now the crafting has got even more in-depth.

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We've also heard that fashion is going to be big in New Horizons, too, but the idea of taking care of customizable characters will not cater to the average gamer.

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