Doom Eternal Gameplay: Trailer, Preview, Campaign Mode, Weapons, Demons, & more

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The next instalment of the Doom franchise is coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this week on 20 March 2020, and it is set to raise the stakes on the pulse-pounding 2016 reboot that was a hit with players and critics alike.

The last title combined classic Doom weapons and enemies with a superb FPS experience, as wave after wave of demons had to be navigated through with no room for respite.

The latest trailer for Doom Eternal seems to have taken things up a notch as new movement mechanics, weaponry, and demons await players.

Can you step into the boots of the Doom Slayer and survive?


Bethesda and id Software have created an upgraded Doom Slayer, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to rip and tear your way through the hordes of Hell. The enemies have got upgrades too, while new foes await.

To survive you will have to use every tool at your disposal, and boy are there a lot.

the Hell Knight is a formidible foe
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DODGE & SURVIVE: You will need to learn the new gameplay quickly to avoid disaster

Key to gameplay will be two new movement mechanics, a monkey
bar swing and dash.

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When you see a yellow bar you will be able to grab it and
swing, allowing you to change direction quickly and gain some momentum.

Also in the momentum business is the dash power. This ability can get you out of, and into, trouble quickly. It has a cool-down time, but you can use it twice before then. It will be crucial to rushing into shotgun rage of a demon or dodging an attack from a boss.

There will even be climbing on specially textured walls, which could open up some platforming aspects to campaign mode.

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The controls of 2016’s Doom were incredibly tight, and
players can expect responsive and precise controls to help them cut through
enemies at a rapid pace.

It looks like these new movement mechanics will be crucial not
just to navigating levels, but surviving the demons that are coming after you.

Standing and shooting is going to be a quick way to die in Doom Eternal, so be ready to run and gun.


The latest trailer for Doom Eternal had it all.

After being contained on
Mars in the last game, the new trailer starts by showing that Hell has arrived
on Earth in 2151. As the planet burns the Doom Slayer prepares to dive into the

It flashed a lot of the new
movement mechanics, as well as a lot of fresh enemies and vicious demons you
will have to combat.

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