Here is every Game Mode you can play in Splitgate

While Splitgate has had its fair share of server issues early on, mostly due to popularity, one thing the game hasn't struggled for is game modes. For a free-to-play arena shooter, Splitgate boasts over fifteen game modes in total!

Let's take a look at what game modes are included with Splitgate and what makes each one unique.

Splitgate Team-Based Game Modes

Let's take a look at all of the team-based game modes in Splitgate which make up the majority of the overall game modes and also are considered the more competitive and straightforward modes;

  • Team Deathmatch - Fairly self-explanatory, this mode pits two teams against each other and sets a kill total for each team to reach. The first team to hit 50 kills wins.
  • King of the Hill - Your team can score points by standing inside the designated hill spaces and the first team to 200 points wins.
  • Domination - You capture and hold up to three points on the map with the first team to 600 points being the winner
  • VIP - Each team has one player who is a VIP and is the only player who will earn you points for killing. They cannot spawn portals but do have double health.
  • Team Oddball - Grab the ball and keep moving! This game mode is all about possession of the ball and you need to reach 200 points to win.
  • Team Swat - Headshots are one-hit kills in this game mode and the first to 50 points wins.
  • Team Shotty Snipers - Yep, only shotguns and snipers in this game mode, first to 50 points wins.
  • Showdown - Loadouts are random and there's no respawning in this game mode.
  • Capture The Flag - An arena shooter classic, grab the enemy flag and return it to your base to score points.
  • Takedown - Team deathmatch but every time you die, your respawn timer gets longer!
  • Teabag Confirmed - It's kill confirmed from Call of Duty only instead of collecting dog tags, you teabag...
  • Fiesta - Get kills to earn points, but every time you spawn, your loadout is random.
  • Neutral Capture The Flag - It's the same as capture the flag only with one flag central to the whole map.
  • VIP Takedown - A mix of VIP and Takedown, each round the VIP changes. Eliminate them to win the round.

Splitgate Solo Game Modes

Here are the solo or free-for-all game modes that Splitgate offers;

  • Gun Game - Your weapon changes with each kill, use all 22 weapons to win.
  • Free-for-All - Standard solo deathmatch, first to 25 points wins.
  • Instagib - Free-for-all but with railguns only. The railguns also need no charging time.
  • Fiesta Free-For-All - Kill to score points but your loadout is random each time you spawn.
  • One in the Chamber - You have one bullet and it's one-hit kills. If you get a kill, you earn a bullet back. Melee is also a one-hit kill.
  • Laser Tag - Players are reduced to 30 health meaning it's one-hit kills for everyone.

The sheer number of game modes, especially fun and quirky ones, is fantastic given that Splitgate is free-to-play and still in beta. Hopefully, they continue to build on this already amazing offering going forward.

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