Here's the low down on Splitgate's Competitive Ranks

Splitgate has come thundering onto the gaming scene with hundreds of thousands of players. Now that the servers are more stable and people are reliably playing the game, it may be time to test out competitive.

Here's how the ranked system works and what you should know.

Latest - Season 0 now live

Now that Season 0 is live, there are tonnes more players in the game and ranked should continue to change with time.

This could mean even bigger changes when season 0 ends.

How to play Splitgate's Ranked mode.

To be eligible to play 4v4 ranked deathmatch in Splitgate, you need to be level 15. This is pretty standard in free-to-play shooters that rely on their ranked modes to carry the game in the long term.

This prevents cheaters from being able to boot the game and start cheating in ranked straight away. It also forces players to play a considerable amount of games before going competitive so that they know what they're doing.

Splitgate Competitive Ranks

Splitgate works on an Elo system meaning your individual performance, as well as overall team performance, is taken into account when determining your rank. There are currently eight total ranks and they are as follows;

  • Brass (0 – 999)
  • Bronze (1,000 – 1,499)
  • Silver (1,500 – 1,999)
  • Gold (2,000 – 2,499)
  • Platinum (2,500 – 2,999)
  • Diamond (3,000 – 3,499)
  • Master (3,500 – 3,999)
  • Champion (4,000+)

Splitgate is very open about its competitive ranks in that you see how each gam affects your Elo and each rank has been broken up into levels to help progression seem a little more fluid and less grindy.

The Elo system also acts as a form of skill-based matchmaking meaning that you should only ever be entered into fair matches. The team may contain a higher ranked player, but the Splitgate ranks system should compensate for that with lower-ranked players also. This system isn't perfect but is better than a stats-based SBMM.

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