Pokemon Sword and Shield: Starter Evolutions LEAKED? First look at Sobble and Grookey's levelled forms!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield is slated to become Nintendo's biggest launch ever, with the excitement surrounding the game building every week we are looming ever so close to the release date.

Hopeful Pokemon masters have been waiting nearly two years since the last full-blown Pokemon game, and since Sword and Shield is the first Pokemon game on the Switch, who wants to wait any longer?

The most important feature of any Pokemon game is the starter Pokemon you choose and it appears for the first time ever their evolutions have been LEAKED! Find out all the information about it below!

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SPOILERS AHEAD - Possible Leaked Image

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FUNKY - Two of the new starters evolutions may have been leaked!

According to Reddit user u/TonyThTony204 these may be the second evolutions for Sobble and Grookey! There was no Scorbunny form leaked which is rather disappointing but these two look unique nevertheless.

It also appears that these leaked Pokemon are in their shiny form so their colours will be slightly different if they were the normal Pokemon.

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Now, as many of you know Nintendo is very very confidential when it comes to their titles especially Pokemon. So take any of these leaks with a grain of salt. no matter how real they look!

Other Leaked Pokemon

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WOW - This is a look for Meowth's potential cousin!

Some more Pokemon were found on Reddit, this one is ummm rather unique looking. Apparently it is called Perrseker, which could be another variation of Meowth as they have some similarities.

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