Omega Strikers Juno build

Omega Strikers: Juno

Omega Strikers: Juno

There are very few characters that can control the field, and if you want to play one of them effectively, then you should check out this Omega Strikers Juno build! This slime is one of the most interesting characters to play and she can cover the entire map with her minions.

So, when you play Juno, it feels really unusual and unique. However, this also means that you will need to follow a certain strategy and build your character properly.

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Best gear for Juno in Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers: Juno
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Juno is a great midfielder who often has to choose between an offensive or defensive playstyle. So, you will have to run between the two parts of the field, spam your abilities, control the ball, and help your attacker to score goals. Here are the items that will help you maximize your effectiveness:

  • Slick Kicks – Increases your movement speed when you perform a Strike.
  • Magnetic Soles – Increases your speed when you cross the Midfield. As we already mentioned, you will have to move between both sections of the field. So, this item will be really helpful.

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Best awakenings for Juno in Omega Strikers

Awakenings are another good way to improve your Striker. There are many of them, and a couple of these special perks work great with Juno. Here is the list of such Awakenings:

  • Primetime – Gives your Primary Skill a second charge and allows you to cast it more often.
  • Rapid Fire – Makes your Primary Skill recharge faster.
  • Hotshot – Allows your abilities to hit the ball harder and decreases their cooldown.
Omega Strikers: Juno
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Best strategy for Juno in Omega Strikers

Juno is able to summon small green slimes with her abilities. These creatures of Juno can hit the ball, which makes her a really great field controller. You just need to spam your skills and create as many slimes as possible to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Your main goal is to cover the field and limit the directions of attacks for your opponents. So, they will have fewer options, and their moves will be more predictable.

Juno is a great character for those who prefer to stay in Midfield. We highly recommend that you give her a try and hopefully, this article will help you make a decent build for her.

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