Multiversus: How to Play as Wonder Woman

When it comes to the world of DC Comics, there are few characters that can match up to the impact and legacy of Wonder Woman. Combine that with a resurgence in popularity in recent years thanks to her appearance in blockbuster superhero movies and it seemed quite obvious that Diana would show up in the Warner Bros' Multiversus roster.

Does the warrior Princess of Themyscira live up to her fellow DC alumni tough and, if so, how can you make the best use of Wonder Woman? Here's how you should play her.

How to Play as Wonder Woman in Multiversus?

As of the closed alpha for Multiversus, the player will have to unlock Wonder Woman to be able to play as her but don't worry, the process is as easy as it comes. To unlock Diana, simply complete the tutorial at the very beginning of the game as Shaggy and Wonder Woman will join your roster of characters permanently.

Wonder Woman is currently one of the two Tank class characters in the game, the third being introduced during the open beta. Tanks are designed to take many hits while dishing them out to their opponents but Wonder Woman isn't the normal run-of-the-mill tank you'd expect in a video game: being a lot more agile than most characters and has shield-buffing abilities at the expense of her ability to take hits otherwise.

Diana can even block projectile attacks from her opponents using her shield, being able to use these blocks to power herself up.

Wonder Woman's Move-Set

Every character in Multiversus has a Move-Set consisting of ground and air attacks and special attacks alongside a passive ability that is unique to them and their playstyle.

Below you can see a screenshot of Wonder Woman's move-set in its entirety to help you better understand the character and the strategies used to be successful with her. Please note that these are keyboard controls and should be substituted for your controller's button of choice for attack and special respectively.

A screenshot of Wonder Woman's move-set in the game Multiversus used to teach people how to play the character
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