Moss sequel, Moss: Book 2 announced at State of Play

Moss, the fantastic VR game from a few years ago saw the announcement of a sequel today at PlayStation's State of Play.

Promising a brand new story and tonnes of new puzzles, this is everything you should know about its announcement.

The Reveal

The very first reveal at today's State of Play was Moss: Book 2, an exciting opener and return to a beloved title.

We don't have a release date just yet but we will likely see it by the end of 2022 for PSVR.

Will It Come To PC?

This question is rather uncertain as of right now. Being announced at the PlayStation show, it would make sense for this to be an exclusive game but it could just be a timed exclusive.

The trailer was shown in Playstation VR but this makes sense given where it was shown. The other interesting thing to note here is that it doesn't specify what console the game will release on. The assumption is PS4 but it doesn't actually say that during the trailer.

What Does This Mean?

This could mean that Sony are gearing up for PlayStation VR on PS5. After months of teases and speculation, we could finally start to see the next generation of VR.

It has been confirmed as being on the way so it's only a matter of time until we start to see PS5 exclusive PSVR games. Perhaps, if we're lucky, Moss could be a launch title. This would explain the lack of a release date.

Perhaps the game is further along in development than we might think and they're holding off on the release date until the internal PS5 VR date is solidified. Only time will answer all these questions.

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