Predictions For Tonight's Sony State Of Play Event

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One thing we like about short-term announcements is there's no waiting around for an event to begin! The Sony State Of Play was only revealed a few days ago and it's already show day!

We know that the State Of Play will focus mainly on Deathloop, the upcoming PS5 exclusive title from Arkane Studios. We also know that God Of War, Horizon Forbidden West and the next gen PSVR will not feature at all.

LATEST - State Of Play Showcase Just Hours Away

We are now just hours away from the Sony State Of Play for July 2021. No news or leaks have happened yet and frankly, we okay with that!

With the show set to come in at 30 minutes, we aren't expecting a huge amount of content, but what will be on show is best kept as a surprise! We'll keep you updated with any breaking news from the show as it happens.

Let's take a look at what indies or third-party games could be shown during the 30 minute event.

Hogwarts Legacy

It was around 9 months ago that Hogwarts Legacy was revealed. During the PS5 State Of Play event, the game received a big reaction before multiple controversies arose and development went quiet.

The game was then pushed back from a 2021 release date to 2022. Now would be a good time to remind people that the game exists and reassure them that development is going smoothly.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

An indie title that captured the attention of many when it debuted back in June 2020. We last heard from the game during the February State Of Play event.

A cutesy action adventure game with stunning visuals, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits has put on consistently good showings during previous State Of Play events.

With the release date set at 24 August 2021, now would be a good chance to get a final gameplay peek in to hype up the title before release.

As a PlayStation console exclusive, you want to remind players what they can get on their consoles that they can't play on competitors hardware. Kena is a perfect example of this.


Pragmata is a project coming out of Capcom which was initially slated for a 2022 release date. The first trailers didn't really show much about the story or concept of the game, but as it was coming from Capcom, interest was piqued.

The game has since been delayed to 2023, but we're yet to see anything from it since it's last State Of Play appearance in June 2020. Now would be a good time to show a quick trailer to keep it fresh in everyone's mind while setting the expectation for the 2023 release date.

Life Is Strange: True Colors


The Life Is Strange titles seem to show up everywhere prior to their release. I would expect we'll see a bit more from the next instalment, True Colors, in this State Of Play to get in it's last bit of marketing before release.

We could also see a little more from the Life Is Strange Remastered Collection which comes as part of the True Colors Ultimate Edition.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

We've not heard from Ghostwire: Tokyo for some time after some early promising showings. Ikumi Nakamura initially helmed the project but left and was replaced with Kenji Kimura. Shinji Mikami still heads up Tango Gameworks, the studio behind the game.

The game is still slated to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for one year and we've heard nothing in regards to a release date change. We could still see the game released in 2021 but would need to see something from Tango Gameworks soon to confirm this.

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