Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta Countdown: Release Date, Development Roadmap, Sign Up, Multiplayer, Modes & More

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Microsoft Flight Simulator will finally be getting a closed beta for their loyal following to test out.

We've heard that it will be arriving imminently, as soon as build notes are released by the developers following testing of the Alpha 5 build.

We've gathered everything you need to know about the closed beta into this one convenient article, so let's kick it off!

Countdown to Beta

We haven’t got an exact date for the beta yet, but Microsoft and Asobo announced that we will get an update on 9 July.

mfs development roadmap
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RUNNING A TIGHT SHIP: If only other developers could stick to a schedule like this lot!

The build is expected to go live by mid-July, which is indicated in their development roadmap.

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The Alpha 5 build will also be available from 9 July, which will be followed by build notes from the developer.

How to Sign Up

Once these notes have been released, we will be given more information about when we can expect to see the beta build.

flight simulator open world servers
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MULTIPLAYER: You’ll be able to fly across the globe with friends!

In the meantime, you should sign up to the Insider Program if you want a fighting chance in taking part in the upcoming beta!

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Those that have already signed up for Alpha will automatically qualify for the closed beta test, so will just need to check their emails.

Play with your friends!

The game will include a few game modes to allow players a certain level of control and customization.

flight simulator game modes
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THREE'S A CROWD: If you want an uninterrupted session with friends, there's a game mode for that!

This includes ‘Live’, where you need to obey the rules of flying and play sensibly.

This mode involves real-world traffic programmed with AI to ensure all the planes are behaving as they should.

There is an ‘All Players’ mode which allows you to fly alongside everyone playing in the vicinity.

This sounds complicated, but it achieves this by rendering only the planes that are less than 200km away.

Lastly, there is a ‘Group Only’ mode, which will be a dedicated server for you and your friends!

Here, you can fly freely with no rules and nobody to crash the party.

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