Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta Announced: Release Date, Build Notes, Sign Up, Multiplayer & More

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally announced the launch date of their closed beta build!

We’ve heard that it will be arriving imminently, following the build notes that were released following the testing of the Alpha 5 build.

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about the closed beta right here, so let's get cracking!

Beta Announced

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator update has plenty to say, with tons of visual updates coming to the game in Alpha 5.

mfs development roadmap
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STICKING TO SCHEDULE: If only other developers could stick to a schedule like this lot!

On top of the extensive patch notes which you can read over here, we also got an official timeline on the Closed Beta!

The Beta will begin 30 July.

Sign Up for Beta

Once the build notes have been released for Alpha 5, we will be given more information about what to expect from the beta build.

flight simulator open world servers
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MULTIPLAYER: You’ll be able to fly across the globe with friends!

In the meantime, you really ought to sign up to the Insider Program if you want a fighting chance of taking the beta build for a spin.

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The upcoming beta will be the closest we get to a taste of what to expect when the game finally releases!

Release Date

Despite no official release date from the developers, Microsoft Flight Simulator is expected to release some time around the end of 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Image
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GLOBETROTTER: Fly across a real-time globe in a plane of your choice!

Thanks to the weekly notes and development roadmaps, we are kept relatively in the loop on the development progress of the simulator.

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Once we hear official word from the developers, we will be straight back here with an update.


The most important requirement for multiplayer is bandwidth.

microsoft flight simu
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ABOVE THE CLOUDS: This game has been in development for a while, so we’re expecting big things!

For the “seamless” multiplayer feature to really pay off, you really ought to aim for the recommended requirements at least.

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In a recent interview, the developers confirmed the minimum bandwidth should still be more than enough to have a ‘good representation of the world’ regardless.


This trailer was revealed at Xbox’s flagship event in London, back in November 2019!

Yes, it may be slightly dated, but it really shows off the flawless graphics and intuitive controls that we were anticipating!

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