RealOpinions: Forget Bully 2, we need LA Noire 2

When it comes to classic Rockstar games it doesn't get more obvious than the gem that is LA Noire, and this is precisely why it needs a sequel.

LA Noire was originally released in 2011 on PS3 and Xbox 360 to a wide circle of praise with a whopping 89 on Metacritic, and over time a big cult following has ensued.

This game was revolutionary for Rockstar in its style and gameplay and added a touch of class with it's 1940s setting reminiscent of old Hollywood films from the Golden Era.

LA Noire really stands out from the list of Rockstar games due to its unique style of gameplay that allows you to take control of an LAPD cop called Cole Phelps and solve cases based on real-life events as well as the fictitious.

While gamers are crying out for news about the next GTA game or Bully 2, we're hoping Rockstar's next game is an LA Noire sequel.

Remastered Versions

LA Noire cover rockstar
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A CLASSIC: LA Noire is easily one of Rockstar's greats

The game was well ahead of its time in terms of graphics. It was one of the first games to implement MotionScan technology, using real actors to create the characters. It created something truly out of this world.

This clever use of graphics greatly enhances the game. They really immerse you into the dark and depraved background of LA Noire, while making you care for the characters like you would in an old Hollywood film.

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Rockstar are well aware of the popularity of LA Noire due to the re-release and remastered versions of the game being released on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

For some this was a sign that we were inching closer to a potential sequel, but it is still a dream until Rockstar gives a green light on the project.

LA Noire remastered.
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REMASTERED: The remastered versions make the game even better

The remastered versions greatly enhanced the graphics and showed that LA Noire is a game that is easily translatable to next-gen consoles.

Just imagine how great the graphics could be on a PS5 or Xbox Series X! This series is a no-brainer for showing off the next-gen consoles' capabilities and would be a game that would drive people to go out and buy the consoles.

Bully 2

With Rockstar's incredible news about the development of Bully 2 being in the pipeline this has lead many LA Noire fans gaining hope that there could be a chance of a sequel after all.

Bully 2
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BULLY 2: Rockstar's unlikely new game

Just a few months ago, it seemed like a complete fantasy to Bully fans that there would be a sequel, but Rockstar surprised everyone with the news that they are working on Bully 2.

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This comes after the news last year that Bully 2 was shelved and development had ceased, so anything is possible when it comes to Rockstar releases.

Rumours about an LA Noire 2

Even since LA Noire was released way back in 2011 there has been talk of a potential sequel by fans of the game and a lot of speculation about when it will be released and how the game will be.

Rockstar are notorious about leaving big gaps between their sequels, Red Dead Redemption 2 came eight years after the first after all, so it's not that unusual for Rockstar to be developing a sequel after such a long gap.

La Noire 2
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IF ONLY: Will it ever happen?

Despite this however, there has been very little concrete talk about a sequel.

The company behind LA Noire Team Bondi disbanded shortly after it's release making the path towards a sequel very rocky.

It's possible that another company could pick up the game and fulfill restore its former glory but only time will tell if that will happen, and no news about this has been released so far.

Why it needs to happen

LA Noire 2 needs to happen because first of all the game is crying out for a sequel.

The sequel could tie up the loose plot ends left with the characters in a new decade. Just imagine how amazing an LA Noire set in the 1960s could be.

There would be endless opportunities to explore real-life cases that dominated the sixties' criminal landscapes such as the Manson family.

Not to mention all the funky outfits and vehicles that made the sixties such an incredible era.

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There is a number of different routes Rockstar could go down when it comes to the main playable character, they could have a new pre-defined character that you play as or go down a new route where you create your own character.

Or if they want to go all out they could go down the GTA 5 route and alternate between a series of different characters that you can flit between which could create a really interesting dynamic where you flit between various officers.

Whichever way Rockstar decide to tackle LA Noire 2 will be good - if it happens at all. One thing is certain is that it needs to happen, and preferably in the near future.

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