How to Dodge in Knockout City

Knockout City, the Dodgebrawl game from Velan and EA, is finally out across the world.

Whether you're buying the game on PlayStation, or jumping in for free via Game Pass and EA Play, you're going to need to know how to dodge to get that all important win.

We're here with a guide on how to dodge successfully and make the most of the ability in Knockout City.

How to Dodge in Knockout City

Since you're going to be knocked out if you take two hits, and the ball has a homing ability in the game, you're going to want to dodge to keep safe.

Below is a quick run through of the controls for dodging in Knockout City on all platforms.

  • Press CTRL on PC
  • Press X on Xbox consoles
  • Press Square on PlayStation consoles
  • Press Y on Switch

You'll want to get ready to dodge when you notice that there's a red border on the side of your screen.

That indicates an opponent player is getting ready to throw a ball at you, so watch it and time your dodge well to escape damage.

However, as Velan themselves say, dodging can be "much more than a simple defensive maneuver."

You can dodge towards another player to tackle them, which will deny them or knock them off a ledge when they're least expecting it.

Also, it's good to try and dodge around a corner when avoiding a ball, just so that you're extra safe from an incoming attack.

Pressing the dodge button while holding the ball will also cancel a throw quickly, allowing you to outwit an opponent with quick movements around the map.

It might take some time to get used to the timing, but dodging will be your core move in no time. You can practise it in the hideout if you're struggling, too.

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