Knockout City arrives on Game Pass Ultimate from launch

Knockout City is just a few days away, and with so many playable to choose from - which one will you go for?

Well, Xbox players, the decision just got a lot easier for you - with the EA-Velan title arriving on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from launch.

Knockout City Release Date

Knockout City arrives on Friday, 21 May.

As well as arriving on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, the game also arrives on PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The Next Gen consoles will offer native 4K resolution and a FPS boost.

Knockout City Trailer

The official reveal trailer arrived on 17 February, with a gameplay trailer following up 25 March.

Free Trial

Still unsure about making the move?

Well, Knockout City will have a 10-day free trial for all players!

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TIME TO PARTY - Here's everything on offer in the first month of Knockout City

Players on all platforms can play from Friday, 21 May at 8am ET / 1pm BST until Sunday, 30 May at 8am ET / 1pm BST, Knockout City will be freely available to all players on all platforms.

During the "Block Party" period, not only will you be able to sample the game for free, but there's a whole bunch of elements happening in and out of the arena.

Livestreams, exclusive gear, community tournaments, and more are scheduled for the game's launch period.


We've had a couple of tasters to Knockout City, and the game really is something special.

The simple dodgeball element makes it incredibly easy to pick up and play.

Rule the city through lightning-fast multiplayer matches featuring mind-blowing dodgeball mechanics.

Increase the strength of your attack by passing to power up dodgeballs, targeting your opponents with a variety of specialized balls, or “Balling Up” at any time to get thrown (yes, like a ball) by teammates.

Assemble an All-Star dodgeball Crew with your friends for multiplayer matches in a seamless cross-play experience.

Together, knock out opponents in 3v3, 4v4, or free-for-all matches, and dominate as a team to unlock distinctive, Crew-only rewards.

Get in the game

The game itself costs $19.99 / £19.99, but there are plenty of entry points to play Knockout City.

After the free trial, you can play on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play.

Game Pass Ultimate costs $14.99 / £10.99 a month, whilst EA Play comes in at $4.99 a month - allowing PlayStation players to get involved.

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