20 May 2021 10:12 AM +00:00

Here's how to play Knockout City on ALL platforms

Knockout City could be the biggest cross-platform title to arrive so far in 2021.

The EA Original is playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, PC and Nintendo Switch - opening the game up to a huge range of players.

Plus, the game is also on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play AND is free to play for 10 days from launch!

Here are the controls you will need to get playing.

Knockout City Controls

Action PS4/PS5 Xbox One/Series X|S Switch PC
MoveMove L stickMove L stickMove L stickW/A/S/D
Move cameraMove R stickMove R stickMove R stickMove mouse
SprintHold L3Hold L stickHold L stickShift (toggle)
GliderX (in mid-air)A (in mid-air)B (in mid-air)Space (in mid-air)
ThrowR2RTZRL click
Charged ThrowHold R2Hold RTHold ZRHold L click
Fake ThrowR2, R3RT, RZR, RL click, F
Curve ThrowR2, ORT, BZR, AL click, E
Lob ThrowR2, △RT, YZR, XL click, Q
Catch/DeflectL2LTZLR click
PassL1LBLClick scroll wheel
Ball UpR1RBRAlt (hold)
EmoteD-pad UpD-pad UpD-pad Up1

Of course, timing is everything in Knockout City.


The biggest thing to master is catching the ball, so make sure you practice this in the Hideout.

Ensuring you are far away from your opponent gives you more time to catch the ball, and it's important not to panic when the target border appears.

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A CITY TO BURN - You now have all the tools to conquer Knockout City!

If you can't see your opponent, it then makes sense to go for a combination of dodges, jumps, flips and using your glider.


When attacking with the ball, utilising the fake throw can help you suss out the movements of your opponent, but the most powerful throw of them all is the curved throw, which is very difficult to defend.

Remember to charge up your throw to ensure you hit the target, plus, charging up a balled up teammates presents the opportunity of taking out multiple opponents in one fell swoop.