How to utilise the various ball types in Knockout City

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Knockout City isn't dodgeball - it's dodgeBRAWL.

Yes, you'll have various dodgeballs at your disposal - but expect to see a different type of ball appear in each game you play.

Here's a complete guide to all the ball types, and how you should use them.

Standard Ball

The Standard Ball will appear in every single KO City match up.

GET TO GRIPS - Make sure you are familiar with the OG ball
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GET TO GRIPS - Make sure you are familiar with the OG ball

It may appear straightforward, but the standard dodgeball is versatile and dangerous thanks to the numerous ways it can be thrown.

The most effective throw will be performing a curved throw after charging up - this allows the ball to curve through the air as it hones in on its target.

Ball Up - Player Ball

No ball around? No problem.

Hold down the Ball Up button to begin rolling around the map.

A teammate can then scoop you up and throw you for an instant KO.

A fully charged Ball Up teammate will unleash an Ultimate Throw, sending them soaring into the sky for them to come crashing down in a massive explosion – KO’ing any opponents in the blast zone.

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The charged teammate can actually control where they land - make it one of the most devastating moves in the game.

Bomb Ball

As soon as this special ball is picked up, a timer starts.

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BOMB'S AWAY - Make sure you know what you're doing with the Bomb Ball to avoid a backfire

When the timer ends, the ball explodes regardless of who is holding it or where it lies. The explosion can hit multiple players – including you and your teammates.

The Bomb Ball will stick to surfaces instead of bouncing off, allowing it to act as a trap.

Hopefully your opponent won't realise you have the bomb ball - meaning catching it could be fatal.

Cage Ball

Anybody hit by the special Cage Ball won’t take damage, but they will be forced into Ballform for a short period of time.

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LOCKED UP - Hitting some with a Cage Ball won't do any damage, but opens up other possibilities

Use them to attack an opponent, or simply throw them off a ledge. If you get hit, roll away from the other team before they can scoop you up.

You may not want to risk throwing them at an opponent - so definitely target throwing them off the map.

Moon Ball

Those holding the special Moon Ball can jump higher, fall slower, and glide further thanks to the reduced gravity it conveys.

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DEFYING GRAVITY - Set up your opponent with a Moon Ball

Anybody hit with a Moon Ball will get knocked high into the air and recover slowly, setting them up for an easy finisher.

The key here, like most of Knockout City, is to hunt in packs - strike an opponent with the Moon Ball and have a teammate on hand to put them away.

Sniper Ball

This special ball can only be thrown straight, but it can lock on at longer distances and with extreme speed and momentum when fully charged.


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LOCK & LOAD - It can only be thrown straight, but the Sniper Ball is devastating

Quick throw it for much slower off-speed attack.

Spot an opponent with the American football-shaped Sniper Ball and RUN.

The fact it can only be thrown straight should allow you to escape, or duck around corners.


Grab this special ball to hold three balls at once.

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THREE OF THE BEST - Make sure you capitalise on the Multi Ball

Toss some to a teammate or fire them in rapid succession to overwhelm your opponents.

Just be selective with your choices - don't waste your throws just because you have three.

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