How to Join a Faction in New World

Factions play a huge role in New World and making your initial decision of which one to join is huge! While the choice is not permanent, it can be a huge inconvenience to change your allegiance so it's best to make the right choice the first time around.

Here's how to join a Faction in New World.

How to Join a Faction in New World

You can join a Faction very early on in your time with New World. It's a major part of the story meaning the act of joining a Faction is tied into a quest. You'll be between level 7-10 depending on how much grinding you do up to this point.

New World Faction Quest
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The quest is set by Urbanus Bixfor who will initially ask you to speak to all three Faction representatives in Monarch Bluffs. All you have to do is initiate a conversation with the three leaders and hear them make their case for why you should join their Faction. The representatives are;

New World Syndicate Representative
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Once you've spoken to all three, you will return to Bixford who pushes you to make a decision. Now comes the big moment as you must choose which Faction to join. Once you know which way you want to go, you can approach the representative and commit yourself.

New World Join a Faction
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Once the decision is made you'll receive a bunch of tutorials teaching you the benefits of joining a Faction and what it means for the game moving forward. You will be able to change your allegiance but it triggers a 120-day cooldown before you can move again.

There's no real reason to change your Faction unless you have made a mistake and it's best to arrange with friends which one you want to join before any of you commit.

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